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Ϟ site reopening! - August 3
Welcome everyone to the grand opening of Hogwarts Revolution 3.0! With new and improved plots, forums, events and special activities, and much much more! We promise an endless amount of fun and entertainment at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! A special shout-out to all those that stuck by us and patiently waited throughout the break!

season - summer
august, 2005

Grand Opening!
Summer Break!
Diagon Alley Events!

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Calendar Events
End of Semester C - Advancement Open (Public Event)
Revolution Administrators
Event Date: 1 April 2018 ends 1-May 18 (Ranged Event)

Group: Headmaster
Posts: 498
Joined: 1-August 11
Congratulations, you have reached the end of Semester C! If you have met the Advancement Requirements, you can choose between the Optional Advancement , or the 100 Galleons Allowance.

Please keep in mind the dates during which Advancement is open for Semester C! If you miss the deadline, then you will have to wait until the next advancement period in Semester D.
Career Advice (Public Event)
Revolution Administrators
Event Date: 1 April 2018 ends 9-April 18 (Ranged Event)

Group: Headmaster
Posts: 498
Joined: 1-August 11
All fifth years will be required to attend a short meeting with their Head of House during the first week of the Summer term, in which they will be given the opportunity to discuss their future careers. Times of individual appointments are listed below. Pamphlets have been provided in every common room, so do your research before choosing a possible career!

Heads of House
Gryffindor: Professor Pogreby
Hufflepuff: Professor Sprout
Ravenclaw: Professor Flitwick
Slytherin: Professor Slughorn

All-in-all, if you have a fifth year student and wish to attend Career Advice, please PM your students Head of House, which you can find listed above to schedule an appointment with them. In-character, Career Advice is required for all students, but you are not required to actually attend a session to RP having attended one.

You must schedule a session between 1 April and 8 April to have a chance at attending a session.

Each Professor will have a limit to the amount of students they will see. Because this is a time consuming meeting requiring one-on-one between Professor and student, all students will likely not be seen and depends on the amount of people who sign up. Professor's will try their best to get to as many people as possible. Please be respectful of their time and not ask 50 questions. Students should get in an out in half an hour or less! Each one will have their own method of going about their meetings, so make sure you read the instructions properly for each Head of House!
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