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hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry is a prestigious magical school located in scotland, teaching magical arts to young witches and wizards. it sits on a high cliff that overlooks a great loch, unplottable by muggle eyes. hogwarts' motto is: "draco dormiens nunquam titillandus", meaning: "never tickle a sleeping dragon."

there are approximately one thousand students attending hogwarts at any given time. upon arriving at the school on 1 September, students are sorted into four houses: gryffindor, hufflepuff, ravenclaw, and slytherin, based on the qualities and aspirations of the student. houses are rewarded with points for good behavior, quidditch match victories, and so forth, while points are taken away for wrongdoing. at the end of each term, the house with the most points wins the house cup.

Hogwarts Daily
5 ϟ earn extra galleons!
Want to earn some extra galleons? Then contact Thomas Preece and Margie Purkiss! You can test out and eat all the sweets you want, and get paid for it! Job undertaken at own risk. - Thomas Preece

4 ϟ study group!
If anyone is interested in setting up a study group, meet in Classroom Twenty-Three after Defense Against the Dark Arts, today! - Ariana Birch

3 ϟ practice your dueling spells!
Be sure to practice your Disarming Spells over the holidays! Unless you'd rather enjoy Beauxbaton and Durmstrang wiping the floor with you in front of your parents. Happy holidays! - Prof. Emeric Pogreby

2 ϟ missing trainers!
Has anyone seen a pair of pink trainers with white laces? I'm afraid they've been stolen, and I really need them before I leave for the holidays tomorrow morning. Please return them! Thanks! - Colly Nolton

1 ϟ gobstones tourney!
Risking your neck spending the holidays at Hogwarts? Then what better way to waste time before the Lethifold gets you than with an exciting gobstones tournament? Meet in the Universal Common Room after dinner! - Merton Belby


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New Posts Hogwarts Kitchens

There is a painting by the side of the Great Hall, and while it looks like nothing more than an ordinary work of art, it is actually the entrance to the Hogwarts Kitchens. While students aren't technically permitted to enter, lest they disturb the busy house-elves, many find their way inside anyway. At Hogwarts, the house-elves are the brilliant chefs behind the wonderful meals you enjoy.

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New Posts Hufflepuff Common Room

At Hogwarts, your House is like your family; and what is more welcoming than the warmness of your common room fire? Or the kindness and comfort of your fellow Hufflepuffs? Well, located at down the corridor of the dungeons is the Hufflepuff Common Room, where all Hufflepuffs enjoy the company of their friends, and bring life to the room, despite it being located in the icky dungeons!

Subforums: » Boys' Dormitories, » Girls' Dormitories

Forum Led by: Staff, Slytherin Head Student
4 0 Aug 6 2011, 03:27 PM
In: Girls' Dormitories.
By: Revolution Administrators
New Posts Potions Classroom

Open the creaking door at the end of the corridor, and you will find the Potions classroom! With countless brews to concoct, anything is possible in this class, especially when guided by Professor Horace Slughorn, the brilliant Potions master and Slytherin Head of House.

Forum Led by: Staff
1 1 Aug 4 2013, 03:13 PM
In: Potions Need to Know
By: Prof. Horace Slughorn
New Posts Ignatius of Anthone Corridor

Located in the dungeons of the castle, Ignatius of Anthone Corridor is a spacious chamber with towering mazes of shelves filled with strange ingredients, books on potion making and the dark arts, and several green vials all neatly aligned. At all corners, there are statues of serpents keeping watch over the area, and black suits of armor strutting proudly about.

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New Posts Slytherin Common Room

Dungeons? No problem! The thick-skinned students of Slytherin generally enjoy their common room, what with its sophisticated, leather cushions and roaring fire. The 'snake pit' as many call it, is a fantastic place to unwind from the stress of school work, and enjoy the company of friends.

Subforums: » Boys' Dormitories, » Girls' Dormitories

Forum Led by: Staff, Slytherin Head Student
4 0 Aug 6 2011, 03:31 PM
In: Girls' Dormitories.
By: Revolution Administrators
New Posts Dungeon Five

The dungeons are not the most inviting of places at Hogwarts, so students aren't often seen wandering too far from their common rooms and classrooms. However, the curious lot will find Dungeon Five around the bend of a dark corridor. It's rather empty, but you may seldom find empty potion bottles and rotting rat tails scattered along the ground.

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New Posts Chamber of Secrets

A legendary secret fortress constructed by Salazar Slytherin that once house a monster so fearsome, that merely looking it in the eyes caused instant death. The basilisk was meant to rid Hogwarts of all non-pureblooded students when Salazar's heir would one day emerge. Salazar's plans were foiled after Harry Potter slew the mighty beast in 1993, leaving the chamber deserted for nearly ten years.

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» Dungeons and Sub-Levels
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No New Posts Prefect Recognition List
Sign Your Student(s) Up Today!
Headmistress McGonagall 0 100 7th April 2018 - 07:08 PM
Last Post by: Headmistress McGonagall
No New Posts Ice Cream Taste Testing Event!
We all scream for ice cream
Diagon Alley 0 236 19th April 2016 - 03:31 PM
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