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Christopher Lewis
 Posted: Aug 9 2016, 08:30 PM
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age: 16 ⚡ bloodline: ⚡

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It was not as scary to be there as he would have thought. It helped that Chris had his sibling walking next to him, both of them with looks of awe on their faces as they followed the crowd. There was just so much to look at, and Chris felt that none of his older sibling's stories even came close to how amazing Hogwarts actually was. And they were only seeing such a small portion of the castle right then. Chris stood on his toes more when the group came to a stop, attempting to see over all the heads in front of him before settling back onto the floor and looking over to his sibling. "Nervous?" he questioned, hoping that he didn't sound as nervous as he felt. He wasn't scared anymore, but there was that worry, still. What if he got stuck in Gryffindor with his older siblings? He really didn't think he'd fit in there. Everything would be okay no matter what, though. He was sure of it.

"No matter what we'll sit at breakfast together tomorrow?" Christopher smiled when his sibling agreed and nodded before putting his focus forward once again as they started the walk into the Great Hall. Chris took a deep breath as they walked in, and exhaled slowly as he looked up at the ceiling that held the appearance of the sky outside. It was beautiful.

there's nothing hidden in your head, the sorting hat can't see...

CHARACTER’S NAME. Christopher Ian Lewis

AGE / DESIRED YEAR. 16/6th year.

BLOODLINE. Half-blood.


Chris is a little taller than average, and has always been rather tall for his age. He was a little heavier set as a child but was never overweight by any means. His hair has never really been something he worried too much about. It's naturally curly and when he lets it grow out, it can be a right terror to deal with. A year or so ago, spent some time attacking it with a flat iron every day throughout the summer and using some potion his mom found for him to straighten it at Hogwarts. He's stopped doing that, however, and has let his hair do the natural curl thing that makes it difficult to control. He has considered cutting it all off, but will leave it for now..

When he's home, he prefers comfort over style, wearing jeans that are more relaxed fitting and often littered with holes. Plaid shirts and tank tops or graphic tees make up a majority of his wardrobe. Some days, though, when he just doesn't care, he's been known to simply throw on a pair of basketball shorts, a t-shirt, and a snapback - if he can find one to fit over his hair. It has always been more about comfort than appearances for Chris. That isn't to say he doesn't ever dress nicely to impress someone - it just isn't a common occurrence.

Chris spends quite a bit of time outside when the weather is nice, and it's not uncommon for him either to get a slight tan or a sunburn as a result. He spends all his time outside throughout the summer what with participating in a local football camp for boys his age and playing Quidditch in the back yard with his siblings. He's also been known to sit up in a tree or in the grass to read - which is often how he'd find himself with grass stains on his clothes or leaves in his hair.


Chris has always been known for being a little on the shy side. He is rarely the first one to strike up a conversation with someone new; but, he's quite likely to talk a lot whenever he's with someone he has gotten comfortable around. He can be energetic, running about and doing what he can to make others smile and laugh; but, that's really more with people he's already befriended. Talking to new people always makes him feel incredibly awkward and self-conscious. He always worries about saying the wrong thing or accidentally upsetting the person. It's just a lot of stress, and he would much rather be out with his small circle of friends or reading a good book somewhere than dealing with all of that. So, if his friends aren't around, Chris is typically found by himself. With his friends, he's been known to enjoy a good prank, roughhousing a bit as boys can be known to do, or playing a game of Quiddich. He's also been known to start up a game of football with some other students that know the game.

He's one of those people that is never late for anything, he feels extreme anxiety simply at the thought of even being a minute late. He'd rather be a little early when he can manage it. He pushes himself really hard with his grades, and has never been shy about asking for extra help from a teacher or a classmate if he was struggling with something. He wants to learn it, after all. Learning new things has always been something he'd enjoyed, even more so when magic got involved. Sure, they'd always kind of known that Chris would get his Hogwarts letter, but there was always that chance...But, Chris got into Hogwarts, and that was the important part. It just meant he could learn even more and have access to the most amazing library in the world. It did not take too long for Chris to practically claim his spot in the library


The youngest of five children, Christopher was always pretty protected and babied by his family. It didn't stop him from being incredibly curious and constantly getting into things around the house. Of course, they were very careful to put the potions and magic supplies up out of reach of little hands. When Chris was about five years old, his parents ended up getting a divorce - his mother's second one. His eldest two siblings were really his half-siblings, not that he had understood that at the time, while the other two had the same dad as them. He was a muggle, but knew quite well about magic and all it entailed. That never seemed to be the problem, not that Chris ever did figure out why his dad just went away. Several years later - just after Christopher's eighth birthday, his mother remarried, and that marriage brought three more children to the family, two of whom were younger than Chris and one his age. They would be going to Hogwarts together once they got their letters.

Adjusting to life with new siblings was hard, but after an adjustment period, they all became rather close and, really, none of them cared that blood was not a common factor between all of them. It didn't make them any less of a family. Going to Hogwarts was rather terrifying, and Chris ended up awake all night the night before - sitting up with his same-aged sibling who was just as nervous as he was. They sat up together in Chris' room underneath a blanket fort they'd built, whispering about their fears and excitements for the year ahead. Chris was not sure he would be cut out for Gryffindor, like his older siblings all seemed to be, and that was something that worried him a bit. When he was sorted into Ravenclaw, however, his family was just as proud and supportive. That year Lucas was in 7th year, Bridget was in 6th, Isaac was in 4th, and Elizabeth was in 2nd; Lucas made sure his friends in Ravenclaw knew to look out for Chris and to help him out if needed. He did the same thing for his stepsibling and whichever house that they were sorted into.

Chris rather quickly made friends with a small group of people that he would become rather inseparable from and he stuck to really just them for the first year or two - but by third year he tried out for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and was added on as a chaser after proving himself at tryouts. Chris was rather proud of himself and has been on the team every year since. He keeps pretty busy between his friends, schoolwork, and Quidditch to the point where it seems that he's almost always on the go and some people are surprised he ever gets homework done. He's always done with homework early, though, which his closest friends all realize. When he was in third year, one of his younger step-siblings was in their first year and fifth year brought the last of the Turner-Lewis clan into Hogwarts.


Potions: 1
Transfiguration: 1
Charms: 2
Jinx/Hex/Curse: 1
Flying: 2


Christopher has always had a thirst for knowledge. He wants to learn anything and everything he can, and gets great joy out of learning even the most trivial things. Getting to know people, however, is a bit of a weakness and something he's working on. He's rather quick with words, as well as getting his homework done well before its due. However, there's been plenty of times where he'd ended up distracted learning about something that wasn't on the course material that he almost didn't finish in time. He's smart enough to know when he needs to ask for a little bit of help. He'd rather be somewhere quiet with a good book than at any of the parties that anyone else might've been throwing around the castle.



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