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Ϟ site reopening! - August 3
Welcome everyone to the grand opening of Hogwarts Revolution 3.0! With new and improved plots, forums, events and special activities, and much much more! We promise an endless amount of fun and entertainment at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! A special shout-out to all those that stuck by us and patiently waited throughout the break!

season - summer
august, 2005

Grand Opening!
Summer Break!
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 Jayce LaMont [H], "HUFFLEPUFF!"
Jayce LaMont
 Posted: Jul 12 2014, 11:07 AM
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WAND: 11.5", Inflexible Rowand wood, Essence of Dryad Hair
PETS: Adonis
BIRTHDAY: Februrary 2nd

played by Vin




The train halted at Hogsmeade Station and everyone and everything erupted into chaos as students crowded into the corridor to get off. A lot of the young students, who Jayce could only guess were new, were on the verge of getting run over, despite trying to go with the crowd. He was among the lot, of course. Once he stepped off the train, he wasted no time getting away from it. A particular voice caught his attention, directing him to a large, hairy man who towered over everyone there. It was loud enough that all of the first years would be able to hear it, anyways.

On their short journey to the lake, he couldn’t help but hope that it wouldn’t decide to rain on them before he got inside. Normally he didn’t mind the rain, but he wasn’t particularly in the mood to be soaking wet. Not when they were heading to a sorting and then they still had to eat, which meant that he would be in wet clothes for quite awhile. That wasn’t a thought he relished. It was hard to tell if it might, with it being so dark out, but they looked dark and heavy with rain to him.

His thoughts were distracted as they managed into the boats and crossed the lake to the school. A lot of the castles details were hidden in the dark, but there were so many lights emitting from the windows that you could still see just enough of it. It was an amazing sight; one he wished he had his camera for, because he had heard you only got to see it twice. Both totally different experiences, with one being the experience they were having now. The other being the moment when they ride away from the school, after they had graduated, and would probably never return to the school again.

And again he was distracted as they left the boats. Were left to wait for the man who had introduced himself as Professor Pogreby to come back and lead them into the Great Hall where they would be sorted. Some of the children around him were chattering excitedly, others nervously. Some were waiting in silence, looking thoroughly nervous or eager. And some looked like the girl next to him, who was white in the face and looking scared out of their mind.

Jayce gave her a reassuring smile; or he hoped it was reassuring. ”Don’t worry. I don’t think it will be anything drastic.” They were going to be in the Great Hall. What was the worst that could happen? There were a number of things he could think of, but if they were going to have a Feast in the same night, he expected whatever it was would be quick. He didn’t know the children around him, but it was a good bit.

there's nothing hidden in your head, the sorting hat can't see...

user posted image

CHARACTER’S NAME. Jayson “Jayce” LaMont

AGE / DESIRED YEAR. 14/ 3rd Year

BLOODLINE. Pureblood


Jayce’s natural hair color is black, but he sometimes likes for it be brown as well. His dad always tells him he has a head full of too much hair. Enough, in his own opinion, to do something with, and he wouldn’t cut it for anything in the world. It’s almost always styled; he doesn’t mind his bed hair while he’s in bed, but he doesn’t want to go into public with it. He has striking dark brown eyes, one of his favorite features of himself. Though, to be honest, there isn’t anything physically that he dislikes about himself. When it comes down to it, he just really likes to look nice. He likes to look desirable and there are a lot of things that fit into that. He also isn’t very big on junk food or anything really greasy and unhealthy, but he does occasionally enjoy his desserts. Lastly, but definitely not least, his outfit choices really define him. Jayce can be seen wearing so many different choices, one would think he didn’t know what he liked to wear. However, he’s never been more confident about anything else in his life.


One impression that Jayce’s personality gives off is that he is problem free. He’s a very charismatic boy. He likes doing things with other people, even if it’s just sitting around socializing. Although some situations make him a bit shy, there’s not many situations that will have him trying to run away. He likes to tease a bit, but will sometimes forget he even has a voice to speak with if the other person is reciprocating. He might also sometimes gives off the impression that he’s cocky where his appearance is concerned, but he really isn’t. He's fully aware that he doesn't look bad, but most people wouldn't describe him as vain. He loves fashion and has complete confidence in his choice of outfits. He doesn’t particularly care if anyone else likes his choices. It's also one of the very few things that he keeps organized, as everything else he owns is sort of all over the place.

He can also be playful ; teasing, joking around, and really just having fun. It can be as simple as sitting around talking, or playing board games, to taking a trip out of the country. Despite his friendliness, he’s learned to be independent and to an extent can even be a bit secretive. He has issues at home that he preferred didn’t get out and would rather go on as if he had life made, than discuss them. He’s smart and likes to learn new things, but it doesn’t come naturally like it does for some people. A little bit of studying goes a long way for him, but he can think of a number of things he would rather do than that.

If you're looking for a friend, he's a pretty good one. He's a little blunt at times, but he usually won't say something in the intent of offending, unless someone has said or done something to offend him or make him angry. Other than that, he's fairly nice and is at least good for having a chat with.


Jayce was born on February 2nd to Phillip and Kiana LaMont as their one and only child. He was always on the move from the minute he could actually get somewhere with his tiny hands and feet. He never really wanted to sit still if he didn’t have to. Luckily he kind of grew out of his restlessness as he got older. Whether his parents had ever intended to have another child, he never knew, but they didn’t. Throughout his childhood, he was perfectly fine being an only child too. He wasn’t exactly spoiled, but his parents always gave him an allowance, until he got to the age where he started buying his own clothes and beauty products. Or anything else that caught his attention. When this started, his parents cut his spending budget, which he assumed was because they were worried about his mental health. They did make the comment that at his age, he shouldn’t even being worrying about such a thing, after all.

He never really had issues making friends when he was growing up and he usually felt like going out and doing something. Whether it was shopping or just hanging outside the ice cream parlour, he was up for it. Especially anything that got him away from home. He developed an interest in fashion and photography at a young age, which his parents didn’t like. They tried a multitude of different things to try and change what they considered abnormal for him, but when it didn’t have much of an effect, they took to ignoring it.

When he got his Hogwarts letter, they barely discussed the different Houses he might end up in. He had it narrowed down to two, at least. They seemed more relieved just at the fact that he had gotten his letter in the first place, but there was no doubt that he had magical blood in his genes, coming from a line of Purebloods. Perhaps they would have worried more if they knew about his fascination with Muggle life.

DESIRED HOUSE, AND WHY. Hufflepuff. He does have some of the traits that are stronger in that House. I feel he could really benefit from Ravenclaw too, but I’m not allowed to have that House because of Gale, so yeah.

OTHER CHARACTERS. Ugh, do I have to? Um. Cyprien. Hayden. Gale. Camryn. Jezzer.

HOW YOU FOUND US. I’ve been here.

REFERRED BY. NOBODY. MYSELF. Actually…Ais. Yeah, ‘cause. She convinced me to do this one now.

KEYWORD. Edited!

BEATNIK BOY ! @ caution & atf

user posted image
Sorting Hat
 Posted: Aug 21 2014, 09:41 PM
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OCCUPATION: Sorting Hat.
WAND: I lack the motor skills to properly use one, I'm afraid...
PETS: None.
CLUBS: None.

played by N/A


user posted image

"Ah, Lamont... Yes, a free spirited type, I see. Charismatic, fun loving - why, you don't seem to have any sadness in your life at all, do you? Ah, but there's more to you than that... Not a bad mind... Oh, I know exactly what to do with you, no point dragging it out - HUFFLEPUFF!"

Congratulations, Mr. Lamont! Now that you are sorted, you are ready to begin your journey at Hogwarts: The Revolution!

1) If you have not already visited Diagon Alley to buy your school supplies, you ought to do so right away! You may find the necessary equipment required for your year from your School Letter. Don't forget to visit the Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement to register your wand.

2) Don't forget to register your playby in the Face Claim - it is your responsibility to claim your face and the staff will give preference to the person who posts in the face claim first.

3) It is now time to sign up for classes, so head on over to Class Registration to follow online instructions and sign up for your classes!

4) To build relationships with other characters on the site (friends, enemies, acquaintances, love interests, etc.), create a plot page in the Character Plot Pages forum.

5) With the end of the school year, sign-ups for the Hogwarts Clubs are currently closed. Feel free to sign-up for next year's clubs when the new term rolls around!

6) Now, you are ready to jump in and begin roleplaying at Hogwarts! Make new friends (perhaps a few enemies), and embark on your adventure! Classes are also a fantastic way to meet students such as yourself! A good place to get started is to visit the Open Threads Directory to find a random thread you can jump into!

Welcome again, and happy roleplaying! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the administrators!