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Welcome everyone to the grand opening of Hogwarts Revolution 3.0! With new and improved plots, forums, events and special activities, and much much more! We promise an endless amount of fun and entertainment at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! A special shout-out to all those that stuck by us and patiently waited throughout the break!

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august, 2005

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Ashton Halas
 Posted: Aug 7 2016, 10:11 PM
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age: SIXTEEN ⚡ bloodline: ⚡





Nervous and yet excited at the same time. He'd dreamed of this very moment from the time he'd gotten his letter to stepping onto the platform at King's Cross Station and just knowing that great things were ahead of him. Having grown up on his mother's stories of Hogwarts and what the castle was like, still didn't prepare him for just how tall she truly was. Or just how magnificent. Ashton found himself gaping at the Castle in awe for a few moments until a slight nudge to his shoulder pulled his focus back to the present.

Following after the other first year students, Ashton couldn't stop his gaze from wandering around the castle as they passed through the tall wooden doors that opened to reveal the entrance to the castle. He could make out a staircase off to the right that obviously lead deeper into the castle and that natural curiosity grabbed a hold of him. He'd probably have wandered off too had it not been for the other students around him blocking his way. Instead he followed the general flow of everyone, keeping note that the boy he'd met in the boat on their journey across the lake hadn't strayed too far from his side.

Once the doors to the Great Hall opened and the rest of the Hogwarts population became visible, Ashton couldn't keep the smile off of his face. Excited once more to be finally beginning this journey and to learn just what things would be coming his way. Filling into a single line, Ashton could just make out the shape of the Sorting Hat has it began it's song and as Hat's song filled the Great Hall, the smile on his face grew a little wider. It wouldn't matter where he got put. He'd do well regardless.

there's nothing hidden in your head, the sorting hat can't see...

user posted image

CHARACTER’S NAME. Ashton Isaac Halas

AGE / DESIRED YEAR. 16 and 6th Year



Between his parents Ashton looks far more like his mother than he does his father. The only thing he really got from his father was his chiseled jawline and the dark color of his hair. Apart from that everything else is his mother, right down to her small stature as he's only 5'1. What he lacks in height however he makes up for in personality so it works out in the end.

The most noticeable feature however apart from his smile, is the stunning color of his eyes. His eyes are a brilliant blue color that tends to turn almost grey when he’s angry. There’s also this sort of charge that runs through him when his emotions get the better of him and most people tend to admit that his gaze often gives them chills when he’s upset.

As for wardrobe, Ashe has grown up with the best of both worlds. He had an extensive collection of both robes and other wizarding appropriate clothing, as well as various causal muggle clothing. Jeans, t-shirts and hoodies make up the majority of his muggle clothing. For the school months he has his usual House issued uniform. Dress pants, Cardigan and Dress shirt, as well as his robes. He also has a warm over cloak he tends to wear during the winter months when the weather has dipped below freezing.


Ambitious: When there’s something that Ashe wants, like really wants it there’s not much anyone can say or do to dissuade him from it or get him to change his mind. One might go as far to say that he can at times get rather obsessed over certain things and form a sort of tunnel vision where the only thing that matters to him in that moment is achieving whatever it is he’s set his sights on. Failure is not an option and he’s not all that likely to give up when things become hard. He’d be more inclined to take a step back and re-assess the situation, but would never throw the towel in.

Charismatic: And it’s not all that surprising either that Ashe has this front he shows off to the world that tends to draw people in. It’s a mask of sorts that lets people get closer to him without feeling like he’s going to strike out at them when they’re not expecting it. The fact that people tend to find Ashton very easy to talk to and converse with, helps him tailor his projected image according to whatever audience is present. This sort of maneuverability of course adds to the Slytherin Reputation for being manipulators and their love of ongoing deceptions, but from Ashe’s perspective, taking advantage of those opportunities isn’t something he considers to be dishonest but rather resourceful.

Survivalist: Ashton’s always had this infuriating knack at knowing just when to spin a story so that he’s left himself in a position where he can survive pretty much anything at all costs, whilst still aiming to thrive in whatever situation he might happen to currently find himself in. He’s long since adopted the mantra of expect the unexpected and has learned over time (and usually the hard way) that having one set way of doing things and reacting to any given circumstance, does him little good in the long run.

Loyal: Undeniably loyal to those he actually cares about. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do if they truly needed his help. No length too far, no challenge too daunting. No problem too complex to not be broken down and figured out. But also keep in mind, Hell hath no fury like a Slytherin betrayed. Loyalty is precious and terrible because it makes you vulnerable, and so it’s given sparingly and deeply.

Natural Leader: All his life, Ashe has always had people looking to him to make decisions. To him; taking charge and having others follow in step behind him was natural. He’d never questioned it and it’s never really changed. While he’s not a tyrant - running those under him ragged and caring only about himself - he does care about how things are done. After all in the end it’s a reflection back on his name. If those who follow him can’t do as instructed, he’s more likely to be displeased with you.

Heritage: Unlike most Blood Purist Slytherins, Ashton doesn’t share the same viewpoints as those who look at Blood Purity as the tell all. Having grown up with a muggle parent he’s seen the world in a different light, having experienced both sides of the coin. While it’s not that uncommon anymore, there are still times when things tend to slide back to older ways of thinking and Ashton is always quick to remind people that blood doesn’t mean everything. That being a Pure Blood doesn’t automatically make you better than anyone else here.


Magic has always been a part of Ashton’s life. Although his father is a muggle, it was never something that was hidden away from him or was something that only he and his mother could converse about. Sure his father didn’t always understand some of the things that they were talking about, and occasionally they’d half to backtrack and explain things in a little more detail to him for him to grasp the concept (and of course there were somethings that even with in depth explanation still flew right over the head of Vance Halas’s head) the fact that his wife came from a long line of Pure Blood Witches and Wizards was never kept a secret from him. And it was never something that he learned to hate or fear. In fact Ashton’s father was rather accepting of everything and almost too joy in seeing Deborah do little tricks around the house. It was something that both Ashton and Vance were often in awe over.

Ashe spent his younger years being taught a mixture of muggle and magical things. Though nothing as in depth as what he’d learn upon receiving his acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Because his father was a muggle and thus had a window into the muggle world that not many witches or wizards would get, Ashe developed a unique view of the muggle world as well. He attended primary school up until he received his Hogwarts letter and then made the decision to abandon his muggle schooling all together. He wasn’t aware of what his parents told the school but his focus had always been more on the magical side of things than the more mundane muggle world.

Diagon Alley was a familiar place to Ashton though. Somewhere he and his mother went often. This trip however was special as it was his first official school shopping trip. Gathering everything he needed for that first year at Hogwarts left him with a buzz that didn’t go away even long after he’d gotten onto the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 ¾. The train ride was an adventure in of itself and he’d met many new faces as he went from compartment to compartment looking for one to join. Many of those faces would end up becoming friends with Ashton, while a few simply didn’t care for him or the fact that he had a muggle parent. He couldn’t say he was used to it, but it was something he’d been expecting nonetheless. That sort of thinking wouldn’t be gone so easily but perhaps one day it would be nothing more than a stat in a history book somewhere.

The boat ride from the train station across the lake was perhaps his favorite part of that entire journey, though it had a lot to do with one of the boys he’d shared the boat with. Ashton hadn’t gone out of his way to be extra friendly or anything to the boy in question but there was no way that Ashton would have known in that moment that he’d just crossed paths with the boy who would become his best friend.

Christmas break of his first year found Ashton returning home to spend the holidays with his parents. It was a wonderful time, though his thoughts kept returning to Eider and wondering just what his holiday time was spend doing. He'd been rather horrified when he learned upon their return to Hogwarts, that Eider's holiday had been less than spectacular. Surprise to find out that not all muggles react the same way to magic and the wizarding world. In future years Ashe ended up opting to stay at the castle over the christmas break, keeping Eider and a few of their other housemates company.

The next couple years moved rather quickly, with Ashton learning that he didn't care for Quidditch all that much, though he didn't mind watching the sport and he'd come out to cheer on their house team, he did however enjoy dueling and eagerly joined the dueling club.

They kept in contact during the summer months as well. Opting to chat and email back and for rather than owling (though there occasionally a time or two that Ashe sent and owl when technology seemed to be aspiring again each other and he still wanted an answer to whatever question he'd asked Eider before hand.) The summer just before their third year started, Ashe had Eider stay half the summer with him, giving him a first hand look at other activities a couple of young wizards like themselves could entertain themselves with and in return, Ashton spent a good chunk of their following summer break at Eider's home. Getting along well with his mother was an easy feat, even Eider's younger sister warmed up to him. It was his older brother that never quite accepted Ashton and often regarded him with a wary eye as if he was expecting Ashton to place some sort of enchantment on him. (Which might have been rather tempting if not for it being against the rules)

To learn that Eider had managed to get himself grounded over the summer for having gotten his cousin's drunk off a bottle of liquor he'd nicked from the bar, Ashton wasn't sure if he should be amused or irritated. He choose to settled for somewhere in the middle, though it didn't take long for Ashe to charm Melissa enough to get Eider let off the hook a little earlier than she'd been intending. After all it was tradition to spend at least some of their summer break together before returning to Hogwarts for their Sixth year.


Potions: 2
Transfiguration: 1
Charms: 1
Jinx/Hex/Curse: 2
Flying: 1



Like many students before him that had been sorted into Slytherin House, Ashton shares many of the same qualities. He's ambitious, not at all afraid to go after the things he wants regardless of what rules or challenges that might be there in his way. He's not the type of individual who would charge head first into a situation guns blazing however.

Ashton would much rather weigh all possible outcomes before deciding exactly what should be done and just what resources he'd need to imply to best achieve the results he wants.

Always one with a strong sense of self-preservation, there are a few people who would might mistake that trait for cowardice and regret doing so later on. He's not overly resistant to change, as he finds comfort in versatility and people tend to fall in step behind him often looking to him to lead them on the next step.


HOW YOU FOUND US. The RP called Floods.


KEYWORD. Edited by Vin

BEATNIK BOY ! @ caution & atf

Sorting Hat
 Posted: Aug 8 2016, 10:08 PM
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Sorting Hat.
affinity bonus
+ 446
age: Ancient. ⚡ bloodline: Unknown ⚡

wand: I lack the motor skills to properly use one, I'm afraid... ⚡ pets: None. ⚡


user posted image

"Ah, yes, I see. Mr. Halas. Quite an ambitious wizard, yes, but you still keep a level head. Yes, and is that a deceptive streak I see? I know just the place for you. It's all right here in your head. Better be.......SLYTHERIN! "

Congratulations, Mr. Halas! Now that you are sorted, you are ready to begin your journey at Hogwarts: The Revolution!

1) If you have not already visited Diagon Alley to buy your school supplies, you ought to do so right away! You may find the necessary equipment required for your year from your School Letter. Don't forget to visit the Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement to register your wand.

2) Don't forget to register your playby in the Face Claim - it is your responsibility to claim your face and the staff will give preference to the person who posts in the face claim first.

3) It is now time to sign up for classes, so head on over to Class Registration to follow online instructions and sign up for your classes!

4) To build relationships with other characters on the site (friends, enemies, acquaintances, love interests, etc.), create a plot page in the Character Plot Pages forum.

5) You may sign up for Hogwarts Clubs if you would like, provided the school year isn't over yet!

6) Now, you are ready to jump in and begin roleplaying at Hogwarts! Make new friends (perhaps a few enemies), and embark on your adventure! Classes are also a fantastic way to meet students such as yourself! A good place to get started is to visit the Open Threads Directory to find a random thread you can jump into!

Welcome again, and happy roleplaying! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the administrators!