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Welcome everyone to the grand opening of Hogwarts Revolution 3.0! With new and improved plots, forums, events and special activities, and much much more! We promise an endless amount of fun and entertainment at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! A special shout-out to all those that stuck by us and patiently waited throughout the break!

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august, 2005

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 Charlotte "Cricket" Solomon [G], "GRYFFINDOR!"
Charlotte Rae Solomon
 Posted: Aug 7 2014, 03:40 PM
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year five
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age: Sixteen ⚡ bloodline: ⚡

wand: Apple, slightly yielding, 11 3/4 inches, Essence of Dragon Tail Scale ⚡ pets: Mr. Kringle the white husky puppy ⚡




She gave little Trevor a kiss on the forehead, caressing his pudgy cheeks before she moved onto her other two brothers. Menes looked up at her with big eyes in admiration of his big sister, while Hasani wrapped his arm around her neck and brought her in as he wrestled with her hair. This was new for her family. Being the first witch of the family, she could tell her parents stood in skepticism. Despite the wizard that stood next to them, guiding them along their path and teaching them everything they needed to know, she knew her mother worried for her and her father still didn't know what to make of the prestigious school his daughter was to attend. To be honest, she didn't either. Hogwarts reminded her of the contagious infection people typically got on their fingers. The first time she heard the name, she couldn't help but burst out laughing, her brothers at her side.

"You give 'em hell," Hasani said to Cricket, letting go of her neck finally.

"I'm gonna miss you, sissy," Menes started with a cry as he wrapped himself around one of her legs.

"Make sure you write to us often, sweetie. I want to know you're okay." Cricket's darling mother grabbed Menes from her leg, and then wrapped herself around her. She had been used to her children going to school at home, at public schools. When she learned that this was a boarding school, one that she'd be living at throughout the year, she wanted to say 'no', but she was still very ignorant about the ability of magic and what it all meant.

She returned her mother's hug, followed by her father and her three brothers, before turning to the large train that awaited her beyond the platform. "I love you guys."

The ride to the castle was, for the most part, boring to say the least. She had been used to being surrounded by a large group of friends. Now all of her friends were at their public schools, while she went off to some magical boarding school on her own. She hadn't known another wizard or witch her age in her life. What were they even like? She somehow imagined them much snootier, maybe even pompous.

By the time it came to board the boats, she already had three other girls clinging to her hip. Cricket's big personality and mouth proved to be useful, and she was already beginning to feel at home. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad, after all.

there's nothing hidden in your head, the sorting hat can't see...

user posted image

CHARACTER’S NAME. Charlotte “Cricket” Rae Solomon

AGE / DESIRED YEAR. 14/4th year

BLOODLINE. Muggle-Born


When most look at Cricket, they typically see her mother. Cricket’s most defining features would be her thick curly mane of dark brown hair, which falls just below her shoulders. Though well kept, it’s hard to do anything with. She typically keeps her curly hair loose and off to one shoulder, though on special occasions you might be lucky enough to see it up in a messy bun or braid. Her crazy hair is complimented with her dark caramel skin and dark eyes the color of chocolate. Her eyes are of a unique shape, inherited from her mother, showing the mixture of her Egyptian and Asian ancestors. Her lips are full and thick which is usually seen with a slight shade of red, and her nose is of a thick, full, shape, but definitely not big.

Cricket’s clothing choice is typically very casual as she’s one rarely to get dressed up. Loose t-shirts, shorts and/or jeans is what you will typically see her in. Though, occasionally you'll see her take on a more “bad girl” look with leather, lace, boots, and especially animal print.


Outgoing: Cricket has a large personality. She generally is a fun girl to talk to. If you're able to get passed the temper and honesty, she can be quite entertaining. She loves being the life of the party and at the center of attention as she's no stranger to the spotlight. She can usually be found within a large group of friends; those that are willing to put-up with her tough attitude.

Troublemaker: This is one word that describes this girl best. She’s definitely not your typical “sweet and sugar”, but a more “spice”. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and stir up some trouble, whether it’s in the Great Hall or in a class. Detention is an old friend and something she knows very well.

Short-Tempered: It's not that Cricket is hard to get along with, it's that the littlest slip of the tongue can set her aflame. When you first meet her, you walk on egg shells. She looks sweet, but can be quite bitter on the inside. She’s not afraid to tell it like it is or speak her mind. When something is aggravating her, she will let it be known and then some. And sometimes, it can be the littlest of things that get on her nerves.

Slacker: She is a smart girl, but doesn’t apply herself. She will be the first girl to put off her homework until the day before. She doesn’t have an interest to do her studies until she needs to, and will always find an excuse.

Judgmental/Prideful: Cricket is quite quick to jump to conclusions or assumptions about people. And unlike others, she lets these judgments cloud her mind and perception. Another reason why she’s not the first girl someone goes to for a shoulder to cry on. It's because of this that she tends to think highly of herself, a lot more than those around her.

Independent: Cricket prefers to be in a leadership role. She hates it when someone else has control of her or orders her around. She hates it when she’s told what to do and has no direction for her own life. She likes being in control of her surroundings and her life.

Strong-Willed: She knows what she wants and knows how she wants things done. She has a very strong outlook on the world around her and isn't pleased unless it's just right for her.

Brave: This really plays a lot into her troublemaking attitude, but no matter what something entails, it doesn't stop her from doing it. She is rarely afraid to straddle the edge of life, and thrives on taking risks. One could even consider her a bit of a daredevil.

Honest: Simply put, she tells it like it is and isn't afraid to speak her mind, even if this means insulting the other person. This usually results in a very thin filter in which she doesn't think before she speaks.

Loyal: She may be fierce, but if you've got her back, she's got yours.


A mother from Egypt and a father from Los Angeles, Cricket was the second of four children. Born on April 1st, her parents were ecstatic to have a daughter and older brother, Hasani, was elated to have a baby sister. Ever since the very beginning she's always looked up to Hasani as a sort of role-model, also influencing her personality, taking on the tough-girl role and a bad girl attitude. And having two more boys follow her birth didn't help the situation either. But Cricket would be the last to say she doesn't love it.

Growing up around muggles became extremely difficult when she turned the ripe age of 3. Her mother fainted and her father called the police. If it hadn't have been for the wizard that showed up to their door, the situation would have been ten-times worse, but thankfully the man explained things to the distraught couple and erased the shocking memory from unwanted onlookers.

At first, her parents began to think it was too much to handle; a whole new world exposed after so many years of blindness, but within time, they learned to grow alongside Cricket. Just as she was getting used to the idea of herself being a special kind of human, they got used to it too. It didn't stop her brothers from envying her abilities, however, and her youngest brother, Trevor, took on the biggest admiration of her skill.

DESIRED HOUSE, AND WHY. With her strong sense of pride, bravery, and willpower, along with her nerve, red runs through her veins. It would be difficult to put her in any other house than Gryffindor.

OTHER CHARACTERS. Delilah Hendriks, Hayley Rosenbaum, Joel Jennison, and Zooey Rockwell!


REFERRED BY. Dumbledore himself.

KEYWORD. Edited!

BEATNIK BOY ! @ caution & atf

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Sorting Hat
 Posted: Mar 1 2015, 05:05 PM
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Sorting Hat.
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age: Ancient. ⚡ bloodline: Unknown ⚡

wand: I lack the motor skills to properly use one, I'm afraid... ⚡ pets: None. ⚡


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"Hmmmmm....A ferocious little thing, aren't you? I see much boldness and determination in you, and pride. You're certainly willful, though, most certainly. I think you'd do well in...GRYFFINDOR! "

Congratulations, Ms. Solomon! Now that you are sorted, you are ready to begin your journey at Hogwarts: The Revolution!

1) If you have not already visited Diagon Alley to buy your school supplies, you ought to do so right away! You may find the necessary equipment required for your year from your School Letter. Don't forget to visit the Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement to register your wand.

2) Don't forget to register your playby in the Face Claim - it is your responsibility to claim your face and the staff will give preference to the person who posts in the face claim first.

3) It is now time to sign up for classes, so head on over to Class Registration to follow online instructions and sign up for your classes!

4) To build relationships with other characters on the site (friends, enemies, acquaintances, love interests, etc.), create a plot page in the Character Plot Pages forum.

5) With the end of the school year, sign-ups for the Hogwarts Clubs are currently closed. Feel free to sign-up for next year's clubs when the new term rolls around!

6) Now, you are ready to jump in and begin roleplaying at Hogwarts! Make new friends (perhaps a few enemies), and embark on your adventure! Classes are also a fantastic way to meet students such as yourself! A good place to get started is to visit the Open Threads Directory to find a random thread you can jump into!

Welcome again, and happy roleplaying! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the administrators!