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Welcome everyone to the grand opening of Hogwarts Revolution 3.0! With new and improved plots, forums, events and special activities, and much much more! We promise an endless amount of fun and entertainment at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! A special shout-out to all those that stuck by us and patiently waited throughout the break!

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august, 2005

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 Kieran O'Shea [R], "RAVENCLAW!"
Kieran O'Shea
 Posted: Aug 8 2016, 08:35 PM
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year six
+ 9
age: 16 ⚡ bloodline: ⚡

wand: Red Oak Wood, 12 ¾ Inches, Essence of Dragon Heartstring ⚡ pets: A Western Screech Owl named Ophilia ⚡




When Kieran’s acceptance letter was delivered, it was an exciting event, it wasn’t as if there was any doubt about his going to Hogwarts, after all, he was entitled to by where he lived to attend the school. The upcoming days were a flurry of activity, they’d used floo powder to get to London’s Wizarding and shopping consisted of buying new robes -as Kieran had been growing and his parents wanted to get him robes he’d be able to use for the entire year-, he also received his first wand from Ollivander’s. It wasn’t long after shopping that he was at King’s Cross and boarding the Hogwarts Express.

Once the train had stopped at Hogsmeade station, Kieran had stumbled out with other first year students when a voice called out, “First years, this way!” They were herded away from the students in other years, which was slightly confusing but he supposed it was to give people a chance to truly get it through their heads that they were there. They were led to boats and the other students were split into groups of four or so, and the boats sailed smoothly across the lake and once everyone was together again, they were led up the stairs to the lawn and up to the front gate of the castle.

Once inside, Kieran found himself slowing as he walked, taking note of the moving staircases and how the portraits were already talking to some of the students as they were led to wait in front of the Great Hall, the when the doors to the hall opened, he saw the grand design of the room, it was large, with four long tables and at the very front was a table that the staff sat by, the room was aglow with candle flame. There was a stool by the head of the room with a ragged, patched and frayed pointed hat sitting atop it.

It shouldn’t have surprised him when the sorting hat began to sing yet it had and Kieran listened as it sang its song about the houses and what the founders wanted per their respective houses. It wasn’t long before the first of the students were called and sorting had begun.

there's nothing hidden in your head, the sorting hat can't see...

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CHARACTER’S NAME. Kieran Jude O’Shea

AGE / DESIRED YEAR. 16 / 6th year



Kieran is about average height and still growing. He’s currently about 1.7m (5’7”) and is on the more slender side. He has high cheekbones and a strong jawline. He has honey brown eyes with a freckle at the corner of his left iris, making the shape imperfect.

Growing up in a family where his father was pure-blooded and his mother was half, Kieran has a very laid back sense of style. It’s not uncommon to find him in wizarding robes even outside of school. He tends to dress very casually and comfortably although this has started to change as he’s grown older. He has spent more time with his mother’s side of the family over the past few summers and has started a collection of nice looking muggle styled clothes. When he does dress in muggle style, he tends to go for dark jeans and plaid shirts.

While in school, Kieran wears the usual plain black work robes and during the winter adds a black winter cloak with silver fastenings as allowed by the school dresscode.


Growing up, Kieran was on the more withdrawn side, he almost always had his nose in books, whether it was the Tales of Beedle the Bard or other fairytales from the Wizarding world. He also loved reading non-fictional novels from a young age, always fascinated to learn about the history of the wizarding world in the United Kingdom and Ireland. He read about the horrors of the Wizarding Wars, the stories were things he technically knew about, he was four when the second Wizarding War ended. Yet, even knowing the recent past didn’t sour his mind.

Despite being quiet and a bookworm, he made friends quite easily, there were a few wizarding families near where he lived and they’d often play on their toy broomsticks during summer days and then he’d end up reading to the other kids he’d play with, usually from a storybook.

As he grew older, Kieran’s shy nature was more evident. He didn’t make friends as easily as when he was little but kept a close few. He wasn’t blatantly rude, he simply flustered easily around strangers and didn’t socialise as much. It was fine for his first year at Hogwarts, mainly sticking to his housemates, but as he matured at the school, he grew a bit more confident. His friends were to thank for that. He still was rather study oriented but was becoming more lax in his ways as the years went by. He often offers to help tutor other students, quite analytic by nature.


Kieran was born on the first of May. He is the only child to a half-blood mother and a pure-blood father. He was the youngest of his cousins, though, the others a minimum of two years older than him. He grew up in a wizarding community where his favourite things to do were to read and to read to his mates. He would often spend summer days out playing on a toy broomstick, just puttering around whether he was with his few friends or with his family in the back garden.

As he grew a little older, his parents increased his home studying, there was always something to do, to read, to memorise. He started to grow apart from his friends at the age of eight years old, simply too busy reading. It was about three years after that he got his letter to hogwarts.

He’d gone to Diagon Alley, had his shopping list and was able to get everything he needed to be able to attend. He spent extra time inside Flourish and Blotts - to the point where his mum had to take him by the arm and drag him away from the store - during his visit and they stayed at the Leaky Cauldron for a night before he went to King’s Cross for the first time.

The train ride was relatively quiet, he’d sat in a compartment that only held four students, including himself, in it. The train ride was pleasant, there was a little bit of chatter between them, what houses they hoped to be in, one boy had proudly claimed he’d be in Slytherin, just as his entire family before him had been. Another said from what they’d read they’d like to be in Hufflepuff. He’d tuned out not long after, nose in a book. This particular book written by a muggle.

Once they’d been to the castle, the first years were put through the sorting ceremony and when he’d stepped up to the stool, his heart was beating so loudly in his ears that he wasn’t sure at first if he’d even hear his house. But, sure enough, there was a voice in his head that he hadn’t known before and he recognised that the hat was talking to him, must have talked to all the other students as well, he’d known that it could talk, had announced the houses of all of those ahead of him, from those whose head it barely had to touch to the hatstalls. He wasn’t surprised overall when the hat announced that he was going to the Ravenclaw house and promptly collected himself when the sorting hat was off his head and went over to his table.

The school year was rather uneventful, he’d found that he enjoyed Potions class as he had to study and follow instructions carefully, had to make sure he followed steps methodically and he enjoyed it, often wondering what would happen if you altered a potion just slightly not that he tried it. He also enjoyed transfiguration and charms, learning wand work and overall enjoyed each class he partook. The ones that held his attention least, had been the mandatory flying lessons and astronomy.

The first year went by quickly, almost too quickly as he’d enjoyed the challenge of learning all sorts of different things. When summer came, he was glad to be home though. The summer went by quickly with Kieran spending most of his free time getting a head start one his reading for second year.

The second year went by in a similar fashion to the first, then the third year came and he was excited to get to pick electives and picked Study of Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures. He was able to go to Hogsmeade with the other students, His fourth year schedule held the same classes as his third year, with the amount of work seeming to increase with preparations for the O.W.L.s the following year.

Fifth year went by well, with mostly O’s and E’s in his exams, and a rare A in one of them. But, he passed, and that was what mattered.

The summer before sixth year was spent mostly relaxing, sending owls back and forth with friends from school, and generally just enjoying himself because Kieran knew that his sixth year would be full of work and preparation for the N.E.W.T.s in seventh year. So, he spent as much time as he could enjoying his summer while still being a minor, as once May came, he’d be an adult and that thought honestly intimidated him.


Potions: 2
Transfiguration: 2
Charms: 1
Jinx/Hex/Curse: 1
Flying: 1



“Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you've a ready mind, Where those of wit and learning, Will always find their kind;”

Kieran is studious and has an open mind, he’s always learning something new and he enjoys thinking outside of the box to find solutions for challenges. By being in Ravenclaw, it allows him to keep up with others on an intellectual level while being around other people that are likeminded.



REFERRED BY. Kaay (Ashton Halas)

KEYWORD. Edited by Vin

BEATNIK BOY ! @ caution & atf

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Sorting Hat
 Posted: Aug 10 2016, 02:14 PM
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Sorting Hat.
affinity bonus
+ 446
age: Ancient. ⚡ bloodline: Unknown ⚡

wand: I lack the motor skills to properly use one, I'm afraid... ⚡ pets: None. ⚡


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"Ah, another bookworm, eh? A bit shy, are we? Well, we'll just see how long that lasts, my lad. Yes, I think you'd be perfect in....RAVENCLAW!"

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