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Posted by: BVINTAGE Apr 8 2016, 08:50 AM
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Miscellaneous General Information

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Decree #001. Registering.

Register with a proper first and last name! Middle name is optional. If you need a username change, send an owl to the with your desired first and last name. Also, taking the last name of a major canon character is not allowed.

Decree #002. Applying.

You have seven days to post an application before your account is deleted. Three strikes and you're out rule:

If we have to tell you to fix something three times and you still haven't fixed it, we will deny your application.You have seven days to carry out the changes we have advised before your application is moved to the rubbish bin and your account is deleted. If your application is denied, you must wait seven days before you can reapply.

Decree #003. Avatars and Signatures.

Maximum for Avatars is 250x400 (width x height). Use your own discretion for signature sizes; do not stretch the boards. Your avatar and signature should represent your character’s appearance in some way! Visit the site's avatar gallery for a great selection on students, here: "My Controls" - "Edit Avatar Settings" - "Pre-Installed Galleries"

Decree #004. Play-Bys.

Claim your playby in the immediately after being accepted.

Reservations last for four days, after which your PB will be up for grabs again. All we ask is that you avoid using Facebook/Myspace/Blog/Anime Playbys. Also, please try to keep your play-bys within the age range of your character.

Decree #005. Roleplaying
Avoid asterisks (**)!

Please write in third-person past tense (example: Grubbly Snubbly walked into the Magical Menagerie with his father). We ask that you write at least seven (well thought-out) sentences per post - but you are encouraged to write more! This way, the people who roleplay with you will feel like they are getting something back.

Decree #006. Tags.

It's not required, but it would be a good idea to tag your threads accordingly. [O] or [Open] if anyone can join, [P] for Private and so on. You must tag your thread [M] or [Mature] if there is mature content present.

Decree #009. Late Registrations.

If you register during the middle/end of a term, roleplay as though you have been at Hogwarts since the beginning of the school year! This way, ‘new students’ won’t be popping up all over the place during Christmas. Also, if you're above first year, do not RP as if it's your first year at Hogwarts! You will also not be eligible for advancement until the very next advancement opportunity once the next term has begun!

Decree #010. O.W.L.&N.E.W.T Exams.

While end-of-term advancement is mandatory, fifth years will not be able to advance to their sixth year until they have finished their O.W.L. exams. The same goes for graduation as well; you are still required to have done your N.E.W.T. exams before graduating if you wish to take a job that requires them. If your character does not plan on going into a career that requires the N.E.W.T. exams, then you may be exempt from taking them as long as you send a private message to the Revolution Administrators.

Decree #011. Board Rating.

H.R. has been updated to allow Mature themes, but threads must be tagged accordingly! Swearing is to be kept to a minimum in both the out-of-character chatbox and the in character chatbox.

Decree #012. Muggle Devices.

Electricity and electronic devices are not found in the Magical World (Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley included). Magic causes such things to go haywire. So no iPods, no game systems, no cell phones, etc. will function. Sorry! You can have them for sentimental value, but they will not work. Radios, watches, and overheads (such as the use for classroom teaching) are exceptions.k.e.y.w.o.r.d: Potty Wee Potter!

Decree #013. Buying/Owning Items.

School supplies are mandatory! For example, if you haven't bought your robes from Madam Malkin's, then you're attending classes in your casual wear, which is a violation of the school's dress code! However, you can roleplay having everyday items that aren't sold in the shops (toothbrush, etc.).

Decree #014. Godmoding.

No Godmoding. Godmoding is a term used when one member controls another member’s character without permission. No matter if you're trying to attack, hug, take something from someone - as long as the action involves another person, leave it open-ended, so the other player can decide how they want to react (unless you both decide on the outcome beforehand). Stay classy. Don’t Godmode.

Decree #015.Classes.

The term is split into four parts: Semester A (August - October), Semester B (November - January), Semester C (February - April), and Semester D (May - July). You can advance up to four years in a term, or substitute advancements for 100 galleon bonuses (except Semester D - Mandatory Advancement)! Participate in classes, and you will have the choice to advance or receive the bonus! To better understand how semesters work, visit this link:

Decree #016. Double-Posting.

Don’t do it, unless to bump an Out of Character topic.

Decree #017. Activity.

An Activity Check will be carried out on the first of every month - If you have not logged into your account(s) in exactly one month and did not notify the site of your absence using the forum, it/they will be placed in the Inactive Usergroup. If you would like to recover the account(s), send a message to the, and your Sorting Ceremony will be moved back into the Pensieves, and you will be sorted back into your House. After a second month has passed and your account(s) have not been recovered from the Inactive Usergroup, it/they will be deleted. This is not to be abused - if your account winds up inactive two months in a row, it will be necessary for you to send a PM to one of the members of staff explaining the circumstances if you wish to retain your account.

Decree #018. Advertising.

No Advertising in signatures or profiles! There is an appropriate forum for advertising Please don't post advertisements anywhere else on the board.

Decree #019. Races and Abilities.

Do not create a character with a special race or ability, unless you have applied for it first. Each member is allowed only one character for a special race/ability. Once that character has graduated, you may apply for another if the races and abilities aren't maxed.

Decree #020. Characters.

There is no limit on the amount of characters you can have. Terms for creating more students are as follows:
Upon creating an original student, he or she must be active for one month before you can create a second. Then, that second student must be active for one month before you can create a third one. If you are interested in creating any characters after three students, you must send a private message to the expressing your interest. You can only have two characters in the same House, once you have one character in each of the four Houses. You can only apply for one Adult character. This excludes characters that are graduates from Hogwarts.

Decree #021. Dying.

If you want one of your characters to die in character, send a message to the to discuss the plot. If there are too many characters dying all over the place without proper thought put into the plot, there may be a temporary hold!

Decree #022. Affiliates.

If you would like to affiliate with Hogwarts: The Revolution, contact the!

credit to of caution!

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Harry Potter 101

Back to the Basics: Your Guide to Mastering Harry Potter!

Whether you're interested in joining the game but have never picked up a Harry Potter book in your life, or it's been a while since you've read the books and need to brush up on how things work around the school, this guide will help you understand the game!

SUMMARY OF THE STORY! From c. 1995 to 1998, the magical world had entered a terrible dark age known as the Second Wizarding War, which stemmed from the Dark Lord Voldemort's second rise to power i 1995. He waged a violent campaign across the wizarding and muggle (non-magical) world, corrupted the Ministry of Magic (wizarding U.K.'s government), all in his eventual goal of conquering the entire wizarding world - and the muggle world along with it.

Harry Potter, the Chosen One, was prophesized to be the only being capable of bringing an end to Voldemort's power, because he had once brought the Dark Lord's reign to an end as a baby in 1981. As the war raged on, countless were stolen from their homes, countless more were killed, but Harry Potter - together with the Order of the Phoenix (a secret society founded by former Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore), Dumbledore's Army (another secret organization founded by Harry Potter and his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger), and the brave souls who fought in the epic Battle of Hogwarts, overcame the Dark Lord and defeat him once and for all on 2 May, 1998. The Death Eaters were disbanded, and Voldemort's dark reign was over.

J.K. ROWLING'S WITCHES AND WIZARDS! In the Harry Potter series, witches and wizards resemble muggle folk physically (which is why they are able to hide among them in the non-magical world), although it is easy to distinguish a witch or wizard from a muggle by the way that they dress. Older witches and wizards typically wear robes, which is why you will rarely ever see a Hogwarts professor wearing a sundress, because wizarding robes are seen as more professional. Younger wizards and wizards may also choose to wear robes regularly, but mostly wear them for more professional or formal occasions, such as attending classes, important meetings, and so forth. Daily, however, younger wizards and witches may typically wear the same style of clothing that muggles do (jeans, t-shirts, skirts, sandals, etc.)

Just like all witches and wizards in magical myth are known to be proficient in wielding spells, enchantments, curses, and so forth, so are the witches and wizards in J.K. Rolwing's Harry Potter series. However, in order to properly channel and use magic, witches and wizards in this story require wands, which are crafted from various woods and cores, ranging in appearance (rigid, pleasantly springy, brittle, etc.) and length (between 9 to 15 inches). Typically around their tenth or eleventh birthday, when preparing to attend wizarding schools, young witches and wizards visit a wandcrafter who presents them with several wands to test out, until the right wand chooses the witch or wizard. This process could take several minutes to several hours, but by the end of the grueling process, each witch and wizard leaves the shop with a new wand. Wandcrafters in the United Kingdom are quite rare, what with the amount of practice it takes to master wandcrafting; one of the most famous is Mr. Ollivander, who owns a small shop called Ollivander’s in Diagon Alley. Without their wands, witches and wizards would be powerless; save for a few in history that have been known to master wandless magic.

WIZARDING PHRASES/SLANG! Wizards and witches tend to have their own distinct phrases and slang, pertaining to their magical heritage. Some of these are also alterations of muggle phrases and slang. For example, they might say: “…a cat among the pixies”, just as muggle saying goes, “…a cat among the pigeons”. Other magical phrases and slangs include: “Merlin’s beard”, “Gallopin’ gorgons”, “Gulping gargoyles”, “Hold onto your hippogriffs!” (a hippogriff is a mighty magical creature with the head of a bird and the body of a winged horse), “might as well be hanged for a dragon as well as an egg” (like the muggle saying, “might as well be hanged for a sheep as well as a lamb”), “In the name of Merlin”, “Wasn’t room to swing a kneazle” (like the muggle saying, “wasn’t room to swing a cat”; kneazles are cat-like creatures), “Working like house-elves” (house-elves are magical creatures that work as servants in the homes of wealthier wizards and witches, and are also hired at Hogwarts to cook meals daily), “What in Godric’s/Helga’s/Rowena’s/Salazar’s name”, “fell off the back of a broom” (like the muggle saying, “fell off the back of a truck”).

BLOOD STATUS! A witch or wizard can be born a Pureblood (a witch or wizard of pure wizarding ancestry, without any muggle relation as far back as all four grandparents), a Half-Blood (a witch or wizard with at least one muggle relative as far back as grandparents), a Muggle-Born (a witch or wizard born of two muggle parents), a Squib (a person with no magical abilities, born of wizarding parents, which is a much rarer phenomenon than a muggle-born witch or wizard), or unknown (a witch or wizard whose parentage is unknown by the Ministry of Magic which is even rarer than squibs). There are some pureblooded witch or wizards who, to this day, believe that pureblooded wizarding families are better than everyone else. Others, however, don’t live by this idea. Blood status was a very significant factor during the Second Wizarding War when Lord Voldemort reigned over the wizarding world, striving to wipe out all muggle-born witches and wizards, and conquer the non-magical world.

WIZARDING MONEY! There are three types of coins in the wizarding world: the Galleon (gold), the Sickle (silver), and the Knut (bronze) The galleon is the most expensive, followed by the sickle, followed by the knut. Here is how these wizarding coins are converted:

1 Galleon = 17 Sickles = 493 Knuts

If math just happens to be your worst enemy, don’t worry about having a calculator nearby every time you visit H.R.’s shopping district to buy supplies; the only coin that you have to pay attention to is the galleon. Of course, feel free to use all of the wizarding coins in your roleplays.

ABOUT HOGWARTS! Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a wizarding boarding school that teaches the magical arts to children from ages eleven (First Year) to eighteen (Seventh Year). It is a massive castle with extensive grounds, sloping lawns, vegetable patches and flowerbeds, a loch (the Black Lake), a large, dense forest (the Forbidden Forest), a cluster of greenhouses, a full-size Quidditch pitch (where the magical game known as Quidditch is played), and several towers soaring high to the clouds. The castle sits on a cliff overlooking the loch. Upon arriving at the school in September, First Year students are sorted into one of Hogwarts' four Houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin) by the Sorting Hat (an old, tattered magical hat that sings a new song each year pertaining to the Sorting Ceremony) during the Start-of-Term Feast. The Houses will be explained further below.

HOGWARTS' LOCATION; Hogwarts is located in Scotland. According to former Hogwarts student, Hermione Granger, it is “not far” from Dufftown, an old burgh in Banffshire, Scotland. This is why you'll notice that H.R.'s Weather Widget (located on the Navigation Bar to the left right above “Welcome” gives the weather to Banff, Scotland, another old burgh located in Banffshire, and close to Dufftown. Hogwarts is hidden by the most powerful concealing spells, making it “Unplottable” by non-magical beings (Unplottability is the deliberate concealment of a magical area from plain sight, or a map or tracking device).

HOGWARTS' HOUSES; There are four Houses at Hogwarts - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each House emphasizes different traits, just like their corresponding Founders.

Gryffindor House, founded by Godric Gryffindor, emphasizes the traits of courage as well as “daring, nerve, and chivalry”. Its colors are scarlet and gold, its blazon is a lion rampart, and its resident ghost is Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington (a.k.a. Nearly Headless Nick).
Hufflepuff House, founded by Helga Hufflepuff, values students that are hard working, patient, loyal, and believe in fair play. Its colors are yellow and black, its blazon is a badger sable, and its resident ghost is the Fat Friar.
Ravenclaw House, founded by Rowena Ravenclaw, is characterized by its witty, intelligent, creative, and wise students. Its colors are blue and bronze, its blazon is azure, an eagle, and its house ghost is Helena Ravenclaw (the Gray Lady), daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw.
Slytherin House, founded by Salazar Slytherin, is traditionally home to students who are mostly pure-blooded (due to their founder's mistrust of Muggle-Born witches and wizards) cunning and highly ambitious, very cut-throat goal-oriented and will use any means to achieve their ends. Slytherin and Gryffindor have the most notably traditional rivalry in Hogwarts History. Slytherin's colors are green and silver, its blazon is vert, a serpent argent, and its resident ghost is the Bloody Baron.

HOGWARTS' ACADEMICS; There are a number of classes held at Hogwarts. The Core classes, which are required by all students from their first terms up until their seventh terms, include:

Defense Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic

When students enter their third year, they can choose two to three of the following elective classes:

Care of Magical Creatures
Muggle Studies,
English and Comprehension

In addition to these classes, there are other extra-curricular subjects offered:

Ancient Studies
Ancient Runes
Earth Magic
Muggle Art
Muggle Music
and Ghoul Studies

We hope to introduce these extra-curricular subjects to Hogwarts: The Revolution as our staff members increase.

HOGWARTS' UNIFORMS; Students are required to wear their school uniforms to classes, feasts, and many other school-sponsored events. If caught violating the dress code, a student is usually removed from the classroom, house points are deducted, and detentions are issued. These uniforms consist of:

- Plain black work robes - Black or gray trousers (or black or gray skirts) - A white or gray collared dress shirt - A house-colored tie - Black, gray, or white socks - Black or gray, closed-toe dress shoes (1" or less heel) - A plain, black pointed hat (with or without brim) - A black or gray house sweater - A black winter cloak with silver fastenings

HOGWARTS HOUSE CUP; During each term, there are four Hourglasses (one for each Hogwarts House) located in the Entrance Hall. They record the number of house points that have been awarded or deducted from each house. House points are awarded to students for good deeds such as participating in and actively contributing to lessons (answering questions asked by professors, etc.), being a positive figure to younger students, assisting staff members with any tasks they might have (arranging textbooks, etc.), and so forth. At the end of each year, the Headmaster/Headmistress announces the total number of points each House has earned during the End-of-Term Feast, and the House with the most house points is awarded the House Cup. The Great Hall’s banners are then enchanted to reveal the proud colors of the triumphant House.

HOGWARTS ROUTINES; A typical day in the life of a student includes mealtimes (held in the Great Hall), classes, and break times on certain days. There are also break times, during which students choose to spend time with friends on the grounds, playing magical sports like Quidditch, Wizard's Chess (similar to muggle chess, except the pieces attack each other), Gobstones (similar to the muggle game of Marbles, only stones that spit nasty liquid at the players are used instead), and Dueling. To see what your schedule looks like, and take a look at the schedule for your year. A typical day for a staff member also includes meals (held in the Great Hall), teaching classes (professors) or attending to other school-related work (non-teaching staff), and perhaps meeting with students who are in need of extra help.

THANKS FOR USING THIS GUIDE! Keep in mind that there are about ten years worth of thought and writing put into the Harry Potter series, so not every last detail is included in this guide. However, if you know the basics of what's mentioned here, you'll be well off for this RPG! Other aspects of the world (magical creatures, food, spells, etc.) can be learned through classes, roleplaying, and visiting the for all your spell-casting needs. Keep the year restrictions in mind when using them! If anything else about the Harry Potter series is unclear and you would like us to clarify anything for you, don't hesitate to send us a PM. Enjoy the game!

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Just arriving or going to be away for awhile? All you gotta to do it let us know Much appreciated and if you're just arriving, welcome to the site! If you're leaving for awhile, we hope you'll hurry back.

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If you're one of the RPers interested in picking up characters that someone wants, then for you! And if you like being rewarded for such things, then for you! Provided you're the collecting sort.

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The five statistics we use are as follows

Charms: Charms represents spells that affect the nature of things, such as making things float or unlocking a lock. This stat is also used for a character's force of personality, their ability to convince, persuade or deceive others.

Jinx/Hex/Curse: J/H/C represents combative spells, spells designed to inflict damage or otherwise impede a person or object. It is also used for spells and abilities designed to protect against such attacks. Occlumency and legillimens fall into this category.

Transfiguration: Transfiguration represents spells that affect the physical properties of things, such as changing one thing into another thing. It also is used in learning the Animagus discipline.

Potions: The Potions skill represents a character's attention to detail and their ability to research, comprehend, and follow information.

Flying: Flying represents all purely physical endeavors. It is used to test things such as dexterity, agility, strength, and toughness.

Progressive Die Value
This system uses progressive die values to represent growing knowledge and familiarity in subjects and abilities. A child is generally less experienced and/or capable than an adult, and this is represented by the increasing the die value, so as to still allow for the possibility of failure, and to allow for younger students to potentially, if rarely, best older ones, or even adults, but it is a rare thing. The die values progress thusly.

First years: d4
Second Years: d6
Fourth Years: d8
Sixth Years: d10
Graduation/Adult: d12

Specialization Points: A newly created character begins with a level 1 on all stats and with two specialization points to add wherever they would like. These allow you to roll extra dice for a given skill. These dice are all rolled separately, and as long as one succeeds, the roll is considered a success. For instance, a first year is taking a flying lesson, and they have a specialization point in flying. The difficulty is 3 (see chart at the bottom), so they roll two separate d4, and they get a 1 and a 4. They rolled a number at or above the difficulty on one die, so they succeed at their task.
In this example, you would roll 1d4 and 1d4 (two chances because of the specialiation in flying. 1 which they started out with and 1 which they added to the flying skill), rather than 2d4 twice.

A character receives extra specialization points as they progress in year, as well. At every year the dice value doesn't increase, they gain a specialization point to put in any stat they choose. That is, a point is gained at Third Year, Fifth Year, and Seventh Year.

Starting Older
If you decide you wish to start at an older year, you receive the corresponding die value, but do not receive the extra specialization points. You do get the two initial specialization skills that you gain in the very beginning, no matter which year you start out at. For instance, if you start at 3rd year, you still roll a d6, but you only have the two initial specialization points. You do not get the point for 3rd year, even though you're starting out there. It might seem unfair, but this creates incentive for students to play first and second years. These are a reward for investing time into your character and are not given out freely. You can, however, get that point at 5th year when you get there from 3rd year.

Specialization Points for Job
As an adult, you can still earn specialization points. You must complete 5 job threads, and submit a “quarterly report” for review. Upon review, you will receive a specialization point as long as the thread is worth it. So, a thread with one or two posts is not valid. A job thread is defined not necessarily as a thread in which your character works, but, rather, it is a thread in which your character is at their job.

Opposed Rolls
Opposed rolls are simple enough. Each participant rolls their appropriate number of dice and whoever rolls highest wins. For instance, Character A is a 4th year student trying to dodge a Stupefy spell cast by a 7th year. The 4th year has a 3 in flying, so they may roll 3 d8s, while the 7th year has a 2 in j/h/c, so they may roll 2 d10s. Character A gets a 2, a 4, and a 7. Character B rolls a 3 and a 5. Character A successfully dodges the spell, as their highest die roll exceeds Character B's highest roll.

Unopposed Rolls
Unopposed rolls are made against a Target Number (TN). This number represents how hard a task would be for an adult. In class, a Professor will usually tell you what the difficulty is (aka, what number you're trying to get to succeed). They are as follows:

Easy: 3
Standard: 5
Hard: 9
Ridiculous: 12

Last, but certainly not least, the roll code for jcink is
Replacing the numbers, of course, with what is appropriate. Rolling the above code would look like this, though if you rolled the same dice, you might land on a different number: <span style="border:red solid 3px;" class="dice-roll"> Dice Roll: 1d4: 1 = 1</span>

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Accessing the Page

Class Registration is a fairly easy process. There are two ways you can get to the Class Registration. The first is on the (also known as the index) of Hogwarts Revolution. Right below the banner at the top of the page are three fairly big boxes. Create Your Character, Get Sorted, and Register For Classes. The last one is the one you want to click on, but I suggest opening it in a new window or a new tab by right clicking on it. Your other option is to get there

How it Works

Simple. Fill out the name according to the exact way you spelled your character when you registered. If you registered with a middle name, you should include that. Select the House they were sorted into and then the year. If you choose Year One, only Core Classes will be visible. Everyone must select all Core Classes, even if you don't plan to attend all of them. If you choose any of the other years, you must select two or three Non-Core classes, even if you don't plan to attend all of them.

Why Register Classes?

For a simple explanation, let's just say you need it to move from one year to the next. You don't have to post in all of your classes to do so, but the more you have to choose from, the better! See STUDENT ACADEMICS for a more in-depth explanation.

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Everyone loves the loud and busy streets of Diagon Alley during Back-to-School shopping, don't they? Well, perhaps not everyone, but it's still unavoidable, unless you pay all of the shop owners a fee to ship your supplies by owl to your house! (That's sort of a joke. I mean it can be done, but can you imagine the expenses?)

Anyways, before you could even do that, you will need your Hogwarts Letter to tell you what supplies are needed for your upcoming year at Hogwarts. The easiest way to find it, other than searching through your PMs unless you have deleted your original letter, is to go to the and find your year. There is an animated box in your lower right hand corner which has a link to the shops, or you can get there

Since so many people ask this, although you may also find it in each shop description, we'll provide a quick guide on where to look for items:

School books - Flourish and Blotts
Uniform - Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions
Cauldrons, Phials, Scales, Potion Kits and Telescopes - Slug and Jigger Apothecary
Wand - Ollivander's Wand Shop
Pack of Canvas and Camera - Knotting's Knick-Knacks
Pets - Magical Menagerie and Eeylops Owl Emporium.

** Please read below on Pets before you go shopping for one. We have expanded our list of pets allowed at Hogwarts.

Still can't find your item? Note that all items are listed in Alphabetical Order. Navigate to the store and search for the first letter of the item you're trying to find.

user posted image

Here is a current list of the animals that are accepted at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. All animals are subject to change, and the list subject to updates.
  • Bats
  • Cats/Kneazles
  • Fennec Fox
  • Ferrets
  • Frogs/Toads
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Hamsters
  • Hawks
  • Lizards
  • Mice
  • Owls
  • Puffskein
  • Rabbits
  • Rats
  • Ravens
  • Snakes
  • Snow Chickens
  • Turtles
This is a list of acceptable pets to keep at home.
  • All of the pets listed above.
  • Armadillo
  • Black Tapir
  • Blood Tiger (Tamed)
  • Caracal
  • Crup
  • Dogs
  • Enchanted Rabbit (Or Regular ones)
  • Finch
  • Fish
  • Giant Orange Snail
  • Gigantic Tortoise with Jewel-Encrusted Shell (And regular sized ones)
  • Hens/Chickens/Roosters
  • Jarvey
  • Margay
  • Miniature Bear (Tamed)
  • Parrots
  • Pigeons
  • Wolf (Tamed)
This is a list of animals that are accepted based on approval. It's mainly to make sure a ton of people don't have really rare beasts. The max is based on the current population.
  • Hippogriff [0 currently, 5 max]
  • Thestrals [0 currently, 5 max]
  • Three-Headed Dogs [0 currently, 3 max]
Note: As required by law, three creatures above must have a disillusionment charm placed on them every day to prevent them from being seen by muggles. No exceptions. Also, if any creatures harm other witches/wizards and said victim presses charges, the creature in question will be subjected to a hearing. So unless that's your intentions, it's better to keep them under wraps.

Posted by: BVINTAGE Apr 8 2016, 12:59 PM
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You can either navigate to the shops through the animated square in your right hand corner and scroll to Ollivander's Wand Shop where there's a link 'List of Wand Cores' or you can get to it through

To register your wand, just head on over to the and fill out the form on that page!

user posted image

Face Claim can be found at Head on over and fill out the code to claim your playby, but first check the list and make sure nobody has claimed it first! Exceptions will only be made for twins or more multiple look-alike siblings.

user posted image

You can register for a subforum home Please buy the appropriate housing (or the closest to it) at You do not have to have a registered house to have a house, but if you want a forum you will. We will check for that, however, we probably lied about checking to see if your house fits your characters Profession. But it's much more fun to RP at least a little realistic!

user posted image

The code is simple to fill out. Just go to do so. It's completely optional, but we try to announce character birthdays in the cbox if it's on the list!

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Plot pages can be found Please don't wait for everyone to come to you. Take initiative and post in other people's as well! is the open threads directory! There's also a form to fill out for new member threads, where you're awarded a certain collectible item when you start/RP with a new member!

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• Hogwarts Navigation Guide •

Here is an outline of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, so you’ll know how to navigate through each floor. Don’t worry about classes and common rooms; each floor that has a class or common room has a direct link right to it. This navigation guide is for everywhere else!

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Term Structure

The Official Guide to Hogwarts Academics: Student Edition

1. How to Sign-Up For Classes

See the large banner right above the site’s table that reads: CLASS REGISTRATION? Click on that banner to fill sign up for classes. If you don’t see the banner, that means that Hogwarts is closed for the summer, and will reopen in September.

2. How The Term Works

A school year on Hogwarts: The Revolution is equivalent to a real life year! So, all the months in this RPG are in sync with real life months.

Each school year is divided into four semesters: Semester A (August to October), Semester B (November to January), Semester C (February to April), and Semester D (May to July). To advance each semester, students must meet the

If you are eligible for advancement at the end of each semester, your options are:
    Semester A: August to October ( Advancement or 100 Galleons Allowance). Advancement open in early October.

    Semester B: November to January (Advancement or 100 Galleons Allowance). Advancement open in early January.

    Semester C: February to April (Advancement or 100 Galleons Allowance). Advancement open in early April.

    Semester D: May to July (Mandatory Advancement ). Advancement open in early July.
3. How Rotations Work.

Classes are split into Four Rotations, so you don't get overwhelmed! But keep in mind that Rotations are just an Out of Character way to make your lives easier. In character, will tell you when your classes are actually being held in the game.

In Rotation 1, the following classes are held:
History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology.

In Rotation 2, the following classes are held:
Art, English and Comprehension, Transfiguration

In Rotation 3, the following classes are held:
Care of Magical Creatures, Astronomy, Potions

In Rotation 4, the following classes are held:
Flying (First Years Only), Muggle Studies, Charms.

4. Term Advancement

** Please note before continuing to read, that it only takes two posts in a single lesson thread to count it as active!

To advance, you must meet the requirements Participate in lessons, and use them to advance by posting in the If you have met the requirements, you will advance to your next year or receive a bonus! Advancement is only open at the end of each semester!

5. O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s

If your student is currently in their Fifth or Seventh Year, they are required to take the O.W.L.s and N.E.W.Ts to advance! These exams can be taken all year round. If you need to take the O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s,

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All clubs offered at the school are listed Please check each individually to see if that particular club is open for the current school year. Each club has it's own set of rules and guidelines so read each carefully.

user posted image

You can find the hour glasses in the banner to keep track of how many house points each House has! How do you get them, you ask? Well mostly from classes. By participating in class, answering questions, or maybe doing particularly well on that potions assignment or even doing the optional homework that some teachers offer! You can also get threads through Out of Character opportunities. Check those opportunities out at

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Oh, holidays! Gotta love them, am I right? Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break are all holidays in which students have the choice to go home! Valentine's Day is not, sorry, but they do have the chance to make use of the Valentine's Day delivery service! No worries if you've never heard of it. It will be explained when the holiday rolls around.

Some common events to make note of:

Career Advice: available to fifth years with their Heads of Houses, this 'event' is spread out over the first week of April. It's optional to students to attend, though it's RPed as if all students are required to attend and have attended. The meetings between HoH and student are kept short and sweet and are on a first come first served basis. The HoH will try to get to as many students as possible during this week, but it's highly unlikely everyone will get to participate.

Hogsmeade Weekend: There are a couple of sections marked out in the calendar specifically for Hogsmeade weekend. Although the trip falls on a weekend, we have marked out the whole month for RP in Hogsmeade. This is because Hogsmeade is ONLY available for RP during the allotted time. When the Hogsmeade trip starts, we sometimes have a thread with a staff member checking the permission slips of third year students and leading the way out to Hogsmeade. You're welcome to join the thread or just create your own right off in Hogsmeade.

Both holidays and events can be kept track of by looking at the and watching for You can also access the Calendar through the animated box in your right hand corner.

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A regular summer job would be working in one of the many shops in Diagon Alley or perhaps as a Server/Maid in The Leaky Cauldron. There's a more extensive Most summer jobs don't actually require any RP to them, though if you do, that would be awesome. Though places like The Leaky Cauldron have their own guidelines to their working staff and usually appreciate the occasional RP.

Internships are more hands on, mostly in bigger jobs such as at the or Click on the respective links to visit the internship applications.

The schedules have a 9 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday work schedule, but this is for RP purposes only. Medical Benefits and Uniforms are also for RP purposes, although St. Mungos does have an optional thread where you can fill out a badge if you'd like!

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Eventually you, or your character at least, will graduate. Hopefully. The NEWTs are not required to graduate, but there are quite a few jobs that require it! You can, of course, take them at a later date for a fee. You also do not have to RP in the feast to graduate. People who meet the requirements will be moved to the Graduates group at the Semester D advancement period. Their name will still be called at the Feast, of course. Once the feast has begun, graduates will receive their 'diploma' for their inventory. This is a handy thing to have, especially if you take your NEWTs at some point, as the Ministry of Magic and St. Mungos have some jobs that are reserved specifically for people who are graduates of Hogwarts. Your diploma is proof.

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The Adult Application is found There are two versions; the first has all the minimum requirements all set out, particularly for beginner RPers. The second version is more of a freestyle, and while it still has to have the things we're looking for, there's more freedom as to how it's done. More for over achievers.

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The Wand Registration is over in the The code is fairly simple, but make sure you have bought your wand and chosen the first!

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So you want a job, eh? That's probably a good idea. Especially since having one can actually be pretty fun, depending on the job you go for. Hogwarts Revolution Staff have fairly big plans for a lot of jobs, and as it's a new thing, it's just taking off so it might not be quite what we're envisioning yet, but we're working on it.

Most jobs you can apply for If you're interested in the Ministry of Magic or St. Mungos, scroll down to the section and check for the employment link under their respective titles! Gringott's Wizarding Bank also has it's own employment area so check for a link beside it's title. Lastly, if you're interested in working for the Daily Prophet, you'll find the application in the Ministry of Magic as well.

Each of the major job locations/job has it's own description of how it works, so you will want to read up on the option you're interested in. As the positions fill up, particularly with higher ranks, the more interactive the job may become.

Once you've gotten a job, you can visit at the end of every Hogwarts Semester (check the calendar) and apply for your paycheck!

Internships are more hands on, mostly in bigger jobs such as at the or Click on the respective links to visit the internship applications.

Want to own a business?

We have a select few openings for new businesses, and once we've reached our chosen max amount, won't be open until one closes! Particularly at the moment, we're interested in businesses for Knockturn Alley, but we'll consider a very select few for Diagon Alley, as well as Hogsmeade or even some other locations of your choice (see bottom of post for more info on other locations).

1) You must purchase a business license in order to sell your products or services! PM the about purchasing a license. Provide a short, but helpful description of your business. We also would like a full list of merchandise/items sold and/or services, including prices. Check around Diagon Alley for an idea of what would be acceptable prices. If your prices are too high, they will be posted as such and your business may get a reputation for being too high priced.

2) If your business idea has been OKed at this point, you must send 100 galleons to the account and they will send the Business License to the character that owns the business.

3) When all of this is done, we'll create a sub-forum for your business in your chosen location, that must have been approved beforehand!

Important: There are several reasons these prices are only in-character and no payment for them will go into your character's account: 1) There are no actual products to give them, such as sending them to their inventory and 2) even if we could provide you a space in the Shop area where items could be placed, we can't track down who actually bought what. However, As a Business Owner, you will be paid the amount listed at the end of each term, provided you apply for payment at the appropriate time. It is your responsibility to sign up at the right time to get paid!

Business in Non-Major Locations

Until the site is big enough to expand elsewhere, businesses must be kept to the United Kingdom. However, there are a few opportunities for businesses to be located somewhere other than Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade or Knockturn Alley. The approval process is really simple.

You must tell us what sort of building/establishment your business would be in (small, one story building, for example) and what protective measures are in place to keep Muggles from wandering in or finding out about The Wizarding World and magic. Two such protections are: 1) the building appears rundown and/or closed to Muggles or 2) when a Muggle approaches, they remember something important they have to do, in which they will decide to do the important thing, rather than go inside.

Lastly, tell us the specific location in which your shop is located. It doesn't have to be down to a street name, but a city or town is required.

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The Trade Market can be found in the International Confederation of Wizards forum. Please read the before you get started to make sure you understand the process! This is completely optional, of course, but if you're a collector of items and are interested in buying, trading and selling, this is a great place to do it.

user posted image

The lottery is something that Players can participate in, provided you have at least 30 posts, and win a little bit of money and some collectibles as well. The collectibles are ones you can only gain through the lottery and not in shops, or through ways of participation.

How It Works
Currently the lottery runs for 30 days before it closes and, winner or not, another lottery will be created in it's place! There are 200 tickets that are allowed to be bought at 100 galleons a piece and any one person can have a max of 5 tickets. There are five balls, so five numbers to be chosen out of 50 numbers. Getting only one number earns you no prize, while two numbers earns you 100 galleons, three numbers earn you 200 galleons a prize, four numbers is 300 galleons and a prize, and five numbers is 400 galleons and a prize. We will rotate the prizes every so often so that different ones will be available to be won.

How to Play

user posted image

Interested in gambling away your money? Just have too much and need something to do with it? Perhaps you don't think you have enough money and want to try your hand at getting more? Well look no further! Follow the steps below and take a chance! In-game currency only.

1. Go to to see the lottery(s) in play!

2. Once the page loads, click the name of the lottery you're interested in. This is also where you can manage your tickets.

3. The next page that loads shows the details of the lottery, such as how many numbers will be drawn, when the lottery will end, the odds of winning, and a link to buy a ticket.
4. After clicking the link to buy a ticket, it will ask you the numbers you want to use or give you the option to let the system randomly pick them for you.

5. Click the "Buy ticket!" button to finalize your purchase.

Note: All winning numbers are picked by the system, not by HR staff or any other person. HR staff does not endorse or encourage any gambling behaviors outside of Hogwarts Revolution.

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Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts

An Academy that provides education for witches and wizards who seek a theatrical or performance career. This school is mentioned in JK Rowling's Beedle and the Bard, therefore is considered canon. Not much is known about it, but it will be considered a two to four year school, depending on what you apply for, and you must be at least 17 years old and out of school (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, etc) to attend.

Merge School of Under-Water Spellage

An ad was ran for this school in the Daily Prophet. They provided basic to advanced courses in Underwater Charms that are, at some point, practiced/performed in the Red Sea. Since the Red Sea is in the Indian Ocean, HR will presume (making this canon HR information) that the school is located in Asia. We'll also presume that the school offers six months education and you must be a minimum of 17 years old and out of school (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, etc) in order to attend.

Academy of Broom Flying

An ad appeared on a poster in one of the movies. Other than the name, no canon information is known, so the following information is considered canon for Hogwarts Revolution: The Academy provides a three month education in broom flying, including lessons from basic to stunt flying. The Academy is valid to those who are 17 years of age or older and out of school (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, etc).

Euro-Glyph School of Extraordinary Languages

Not much is known about this school, but we know about it because the Daily Prophet ran an ad for it. It's an international wizard language school that focuses on obscure magical languages, such as hieroglyphs. There are schools in London, England, Leeds, England, Montreal, Canada, Nairobi, Kenya, Santiago, Chile, Caracas, Venezuela, and Havana, Cuba. This is obviously a school that one can attend after schools such as Hogwarts, Ilvermorny, etc. The above info is the only canon info we know about. To use this school to our advantage, I will add info that will be considered canon to Hogwarts Revolution: This is a two year school, therefore if you wish to use it in your resumes to apply to various job, you must be AT LEAST 19 years old to have graduated from this school. Any younger and there definitely wouldn't have been enough time to attend and graduate.

Egyptian Centre for Alchemical Studies

This centre is where Alchemy is studied in Egypt and is possibly one of the largest centres for studying Alchemy. Hogwart's Revolution will consider the following information canon for RP purpose: one can graduate at 2 or 4 years and must be at least 17 yrs old to attend.

user posted image user posted image user posted image

This wizarding school is located in the Palace of Beauxbatons, situated in the scenic Pyrenees Mountains in southern France, and has stood for about seven whole centuries. Surrounding the palace are majestic gardens and fountains magically created out of the surrounding mountains. Wood nymphs can be found in the Dining Hall often serenading the students while they eat. At Christmas, the hall is adorned with glittering, non-melting ice sculptures. Beauxbatons accepts both boys and girls of any magical blood status from countries all over Europe such as Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

user posted image user posted image user posted image


Durmstrang Castle is located in the northernmost mountains of Sweden. It is notorious for its education of the Dark Arts. It is said to have existed, at least, since the year 1294, founded by the great medieval witch, Nerida Vulchanova. It is not quite as large as Hogwarts, but chooses to conceal itself as most of the other schools do. Students arrive at the school by boat, travelling down a river to its location. While it does accept students from as far as Bulgaria, it does not, however, admit muggle-borns. Traditional dress consists of fur hats, fur cloaks, and blood-red robes.

user posted image user posted image user posted image

Mahoukotoro temple, only accepting students from Japan, has the smallest student body of the eleven prestigious wizarding schools. During the day, students are flown back and forth to their homes by storm petrels. The ornate and exquisite palace of Mahoutokoro is made of mutton-fat jade, and stands on the topmost point of the 'uninhabited' (or so Muggles think) Volcanic island of Minami Iwo Jima. Having stood for over a millennium, it was once the home of the wealthiest pureblood wizard in Japan. After his death, his three children renovated the temple and turned it into a wizarding school, originally only accepting purebloods. As time went on, it became more lenient towards other blood status, and today it accepts both boys and girls of all blood status. Those who attend the school wear robes that grow in size with the wearer, and changes color to reflect the learning level of the student. From pink (beginner) to white (disgraced). While this school is cloaked in mystery, it is rumored that they teach a class specializing in the art of cloaking and invisibility.

user posted image user posted image user posted image

Koldovstoretz palace is said to be the wizarding school to have undergone the most renovations in its time. It was founded by a single wizard in the middle ages. It is about the same size as Durmstrang, sitting in the wide open lands of southern Siberia. Built of traditional Russian architecture, its colorful tear-shaped towers stand tall and strong. The campus of this school is unique in that it consists of multiple, separate buildings, each for a different department. The dormitories are also placed in their own building. Students are segregated by age with the color of their thick, fur lined robes indicating what year they are in. It accepts students from Russia only.

user posted image user posted image user posted image

Uagadou castle is known to be one of the oldest magical institutions in the world, second to the Institute of the Nile, and one of the largest. During the late 1600s, it was relocated from a remote location in Lesotho to an old abandoned castle in the tropical hills of Madagascar. The castle underwent a year of reconstruction until it was officially opened as the new school in southern Africa. Students from all over Africa are accepted to this school by Dream Messenger which leaves a token in the children's hand. They arrive only by ship onto to one of its secret beaches. From there they are taken through a very narrow, winding path through the tropical forest until they reach the castle sitting atop a high cliff overlooking the ocean. This school often takes part in magical water sports, using the nearby beach to practice. They are also known for elaborate celebrations and dances that sometimes last for days. Students specialize in Astronomy, Alchemy, and self-transfiguration.

user posted image user posted image user posted image

The Nile Temple is said to be the oldest magical school in the world, the time of its founding often debated. Some believe one of Ancient Egypt's pharaohs was its founder as they believe that the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were all purebloods. Others believe it wasn't until the Roman occupation that it was founded. Originally the Institute was an all-boy's pureblood school until the second or third century. Ever since boys and girls have been segregated into their own halves of the temple. It is only known that it is buried deep within in the sands of the Sahara desert, somewhere east of the Nile river. The only entrance to the school is exposed to the surface in a deep unknown canyon. Students arrive to the school by caravans on camel back after using the floo network to arrive in an unplottable oasis. The school accepts only purebloods and half-bloods from Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

user posted image user posted image user posted image

This school, also known as Caribbean City to its inhabitants, is the only wizarding school located underwater. Situated at the seafloor of the Caribbean Sea, it is surrounded by a magical ward that forms a gigantic air bubble around the school. To the unmagical eye, it is simply the ruins of a wrecked ship. This school is one of the youngest of the wizarding schools (second to United States), founded only after the European occupation of the area. It is believed to be one of the most beautiful of the schools with its vibrant towers glowing in every direction, tall bridges branching from every direction, and great etchings of sea life. The inside of the castle glimmers of the reflections of the water above, allowing the students to watch the marine life pass them by. The students of the school are segregated similarly to Hogwarts, with symbols of marine animals as their heraldry. Their robes are decorated as beautifully as the school, blue silk decorated in prints of marine life. The school accepts students from the island nations of the Caribbean.

user posted image user posted image user posted image

Castelobruxo is the oldest wizarding school of the Americas, situated deep in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. Castelobruxo is an imposing square edifice of golden rock, often compared to a temple. Both building and grounds are protected by the Caipora, small and furry spirit-beings who are extraordinarily mischievous and tricky, and who emerge under cover of night to watch over the students and the creatures who live in the forest. It is believed that the castle was previously owned by an ancient tribe in the area, using it for a center of magical education. When the Portuguese occupied and took control of the area, the Portuguese purebloods did so with the castle. After reconstruction, it was formed into what it is today. Students from the school specialize in Herbology and Magizoology. The school accepts students from all over South America.

user posted image user posted image user posted image

Ilvermorny castle is the youngest of wizarding schools, officially founded just after United States' independence in the late 1700s. Before that, it was simply an unofficial center of magic though not a formal school. It stands isolated in the cold, mountainous regions of northern New York, much bigger than Hogwarts. The uniforms at the school are known to be the most lax in the world, allowing its students to wear clothing of their own, most often heavy fur coats and boots. This follows the school's more progressive ideas, accepting students of all statuses and sexes from North America. A bear is their heraldry, and white and gold are common colors seen inside the castle. Professors traditionally wear white while the Headmaster/Headmistress wears gold.

user posted image user posted image user posted image

Tasmania Academy was founded sometime during the early Renaissance era by a pureblood Ravenclaw alumni from Hogwarts. It was built along the southern, rocky shores of Tasmania. It is one of the most underrated of schools. Despite being particularly small, only a little larger than Hogwarts and rarely participating in international sports/tournaments, its curriculum is not something to underestimate. The school specializes in subjects such as Divination and Occlumency, teaching these to students from a young age. It also heavily focuses on subjects such as Astronomy, and prides itself on creativity with one of the largest departments dedicated to music and visual arts. It is said that the school has seen more Seers in its history than any other, whether professors or graduates. Uniforms are decidedly dark, with non-pointed, black brimmed hats and dark blue robes. A star and a crescent moon can be found on the school's crest typically accompanied by colors of blue and silver. It accepts students from all of Oceania.

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Here is a guide to the spells and enchantments currently known in the wizarding world! The more original spells that were created won't be found here, but can be found in the school library books. But listed below are the wide range of spells mentioned at some point in the series (and of course, we've created our own Latin incantations for some of these spells that didn't have them). Now, your characters have the references they need to their spell-casting! Keep year restrictions in mind when attempting to perform a spell, or the results may be particularly nasty.

1. Spells

The Amplification Spell
• Sonorus (so-NO-rus)
• Amplifies the voice of the caster.
• For fifth years and above.

The Animagus Repelling Spell
• Repello Animagus (reh-PEL-lo ah-nee-MAY-jus)
• Forces an animagus to return to his or her natural state.
• Advanced magic.

The Attacking Spell
• Oppugno (up-PUG-no)
• Causes an object to attack the target.
• For sixth years and above.

The Anti-Cheating Spell
• Captio Detineo (CAP-tee-oh de-TEEN-ee-oh)
• Prevents cheating. Often used on quills and exam parchments.
• For sixth years and above.

The Apparation/Disapparation Spell
• No incantation.
• Allows caster to appear/disappear instantly in a given place.
Warning: Splinching may occur.
• Requires Apparation License from Ministry of Magic.

The Arrow-Shooting Spell
• Mitterent Sagittas (mitt-er-ent sag-it-us)
• Shoot arrows from your wand.
• For fifth years and above.

The Beetle to Button Spell
• Induvia (in-DOO-vee-ah)
• Transfigures a beetle into a button
• For second years and above.

The Bird-Conjuring Spell
• Avis (ay-vis)
• Conjures a flock of birds.
• For second years and above.

The Breathing Spell
• Anapneo (ah-NAP-nee-oh)
• Clears the target’s airways for easier breathing.
• For sixth years and above.

The Burning Marker Spell
• Flagrate (FLAH-grate)
• Allows caster to draw lines of fire with a wand.
• For sixth years and above.

The Candle to Rabbit Spell
• Cuniculus (cu-NI-coo-lus)
• Transfigures a candle into a rabbit
• For third years and above.

The Dancing Spell
• Tarantallegra (tah-ran-tah-LEH-grah)
• Causes target’s legs to dance the ‘Tarantella’ uncontrollably.
• For third years and above.

The Dark Mark Conjuring Spell
• Morsmordre (mors-MOR-dray)
• Conjures the dark mark.
• Advanced magic. Illegal.

The Disarming Spell
• Expelliarmus (ex-pel-ee-AR-mus)
• Causes opponent’s weapon to fly out of his or her hand.
• For all years.

The Dissendium Spell
• Dissendium (dis-SEN-dee-um)
• Reveals hidden pathways.
• For third years and above.

The Disillusion Spell
• Taedium (TAY-dee-um)
• Target appears uninteresting. Often used to hide magical objects from muggles.
• For fifth years and above.

The Entrancing Enchantment Spell
• Cantio (CAN-tee-oh)
• Entrances the target.
• For seventh years and above.

The Erasing Spell
• Deletrius (de-lee-tree-us)
• Erases spell images conjured by Priori Incantatem.
• For sixth years and above.

The Extinguishing Spell
• Intersinguo (in-ter-SIN-joo-oh)
• Puts out fires.
• For fifth years and above.

The Explosion Spell
• Bombarda (bom-BAR-da)
• Causes explosions to inanimate objects.
• For fourth years and above.

The Explosion Spell (Advanced)
• Bombarda (bom-BAR-da MAX-i-ma)
• Causes much larger explosions to inanimate objects.
• For sixth years and above.

The Finite Spell
• Finite (fee-NEE-tay)
• Removes the effects of a single spell.
• For second years and above.

The Finite Incantatem Spell
• Finite Incantatem (fee-NEE-tay in-can-TAH-tem)
• Removes the effects of all spells currently cast.
• For fourth years and above.

The Fire Creation Spell
• Incendio (in-SEN-dee-oh)
• Conjures red and orange flames.
• For all years.

The Flower Conjuring Spell
• Orchideous (or-chi-dee-us)
• Conjures flowers from the tip of the caster’s wand.
• For fourth years and above.

The Flower-Head Spell
• Herbifors (HER-bi-fors)
• Causes yellow flowers to sprout from the victim's head
• For all years.

The Four-Point Spell
• Point Me (english pronunciation)
• Causes the caster’s wand to act like a compass.
• For fourth years and above.

The Gemino Curse
• Geminio Consecro (jeh-MIH-nee-oh con-SEH-croh)
• Causes an object to duplicate into multiple copies whenever touched
• Advanced magic.

The Gemino Spell
• Geminio (jeh-MIH-nee-oh)
• Duplicates an object
• For sixth years and above.

The Gouging Spell
• Defodio (deh-FOH-dee-oh)
• Used to gouge out portions of earth and stone.
• For third years and above.

The Healing Spell
• Episkey (eh-PIS-kee)
• Heals certain injuries, such as minor broken bones.
• For sixth years and above.

The Hex-Repelling Spell
• Salvio Hexia (sal-vee-oh HEK-see-ə)
• Provides some form of protection against hexes.
• For fourth years and above.

The Inanimate Object Conjuring Spell
• Inanimatus Conjurus (in-ah-ni-MAH-tus CON-joo-rus)
• Conjures inanimate objects.
• For fifth years and above.

The Incarceration Spell
• Incarcerous (in-CAR-ser-rus)
• Binds opponent in ropes.
• For seventh years and above.

The Ingredient Revealing Spell
• Revela (reh-veh-lah)
• Reveals the ingredients used in a potion.
• For seventh years and above.

The Ink Revealing Spell
• Aparecium (ah-pah-REE-see-um)
• Reveals invisible ink.
• For third years and above.

The Item to Matchbox Spell
• Flintifors (Flin-tuh-fours)
• Transfigures an item to a matchbox
• For all years.

The Levicorpus Spell
• Levicorpus (le-vee-COR-pus)
• Dangles target by their ankle in mid-air.
• For fourth years and above.

The Liberacorpus Spell
• Liberacorpus (lee-beh-rah-COR-pus)
• Releases target from Levicorpus Spell
• For fourth years and above.

The Light Conjuring Spell
• Lumos (LOO-mose)
• Conjures light from the end of the caster’s wand.
• For all years.

The Light Extinguishing Spell
• Nox (nox)
• Extinguishes light created by Lumos.
• For all years.

The Liquid Cleaning Spell
• Tergeo (TER-jee-oh)
• Magically cleans liquids from surfaces.
• For fourth years and above.

The Match to Needle Spell
• Acu Pingere (AH-coo pin-GE-ray)
• Transfigures a match into a needle
• For third years and above.

The Magnet Spell
• Waddiwasi (wad-dee-WAH-see)
• Attracts an item to fly at high speed toward the target.
• For third years and above.

The Meteolojinx Recanto Spell
• Meteolojinx Recanto (mee-tee-OLl-ə-jingks re-KAN-toh)
• Causes weather effects caused by incantations to cease.
• For seventh years and above.

The Mobilicorpus Spell
• Mobilicorpus (mo-bi-li-COR-pus)
• Moves unconscious bodies.
• For sixth years and above.

The Mouse to Snuffbox Spell
• Abolla (ah-BOW-lah)
• Transfigures a mouse into a snuffbox
• For second years and above.

The Muffling Spell
• Muffliato (muf-flee-ah-to)
• Causes target to only perceive muffled noises from nearby sounds.
• For sixth years and above.

The Object to Mouse Spell
• Snufflifors (snuff-luh-fors)
• Transfigure an object into a mouse.
• For first years and above.

The Portal Spell
• Portus (POR-tus)
• Transfigures an object into a portkey.
• Advanced magic. Requires Ministry of Magic's approval to use.

The Priori Incantatem Spell
• Priori Incantatem (pree-OR-ee in-can-TAH-tum)
• Wand creates an echo or ghostly image of last spells it performed.
• For seventh years and above.

The Quieting Spell
• Quietus (kwai-eh-tus)
• Negates the effects of the Sonorus spell. Also used to quieten sounds.
• For fifth years and above.

The Rabbits to Slippers Spell
• Soccus Cuniculus (SOH-cus coo-NI-coo-lus)
• Transfigures a pair of rabbits into slippers
• For second years and above.

The Relashio Spell
• Relashio (reh-LAH-shee-oh)
• Creates a sparking heat from the end of the wand.
• For seventh years and above.

The Rennervate Spell
• Rennervate (REN-ər-vayt)
• Brings someone out of consciousness.
• For second years and above.

The Repairing Spell
• Reparo (reh-PAH-ro)
• Repairs an object. “[Objecct] Reparo.”
• For second years and above.

The Repelling Spell
• Repello (reh-PEL-lo)
• Repels an object.
• For fourth years and above.

The Repelling Spell (Muggles)
• Repello Muggletum (reh-PEL-loh MUG-lə-təm)
• Repels muggles from wizarding places by causing them to remember a completely unrelated event.
• For sixth years and above.

The Sealing Spell
• Colloportus (col-lo-POR-tus)
• Magically seals objects. Countered by the Unlocking Charm.
• For all years.

The Snail to Teapot Spell
• Coclea (COH-klee-ah)
• Transfigures a snail into a teapot
• For second years and above.

The Snake Vanishing Spell
• Vipera Evanesca (vi-PEH-ra eh-vah-NES-kah)
• Counter-curse for Serpensortia
• For seventh years and above.

The Stone Transfiguring Spell
• Duro (DOO-ro)
• Transfigures objects to stone
• For seventh years and above.

The Revealing Spell
• Specialis Revelio (speh-shee-AH-lis re-VEE-lee-oh)
• Reveals any object hidden by magical means.
• For seventh years and above.

The Shock Treatment Spell
• Stringor (strin-GOR)
• Medicinal spell used to treat patients for shock.
• Advanced magic.

The Splint/Bandage Conjuring Spell
• Ferula (fe-ROO-lah)
• Conjures a splint and bandages.
• For seventh years and above.

The Stealth Sensoring Spell
• Furtim Acclaro (FUR-teem ac-CLAH-ro)
• Detects illicit behavior and alerts the caster.
• For seventh years and above.

The Teapot to Tortoise Spell
• Testudo (tes-TOO-doh)
• Transfigures a teapot into a tortoise
• For fifth years and above.

The Tooth-Enlarging Spell
• Densaugeo (den-SAW-jee-oh)
• Enlarges the teeth of the target.
• For all years.

The Unbreakable Vow Spell
• No incantation.
• Creates a magical treaty. To break the treaty is to die.
• Advanced magic.

The Vanishing Spell
• Evanesco (eh-vah-NES-coh)
• Causes an object to vanish, rather than to just turn invisible.
• For sixth years and above.

The Water Goblet Spell
• Fera Verto (Fair-uh-VAIR-toh)
• Transfigures small animals into water goblets
• For all years.

The Wound Healing Spell
• Integro Expello Sauciatio (in-THE-gro ex-PEL-lo saw-see-AH-tee-oh)
• Heals severe wounds.
• Advanced magic.

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2. Charms

The Banishing Charm
• Abigo (AH-bi-go)
• Causes an object to fly away from the caster. “Abigo [Object]”
• For all years.

The Banishing Charm (Advanced)
• Abigo (AH-bi-go MAX-i-ma)
• Causes an object to fly away from the caster. “Abigo [Object]”
• Advanced Magic.

The Binding Charm
• Incarcerous (in-CAR-sir-us)
• Conjures thick ropes out of thin air to bind someone or something.
• For all years.

The Bird Transfiguring Charm
• Avifors (AH-vi-fors)
• Transfigures small objects into birds.
• For fourth years and above.

The Boggart Banishing Charm
• Riddikulus (ri-di-KYOO-lus)
• Forces a boggart to take on an amusing appearance.
• For third years and above.

The Bubblehead Charm
• Refervesco (re-fer-VES-co)
• Creates a bubble around the caster’s head for underwater breathing.
• For fourth years and above.

The Bubble Conjuring Charm
• Bulla (BOO-lah)
• Conjures bubbles from the tip of the caster’s wand.
• For all years.

The Cheering Charm
• Laetifico (lay-TI-fi-co)
• Causes target to enjoy momentary cheeriness.
• For second years and above.

The Colour-Changing Charm
• Coloro (co-LO-ro)
• Changes an object’s color. “Coloro [Name of Color].”
• For third years and above.

The Colour-Flashing Charm
• Coloro Corusco (co-lo-ro co-RUS-co)
• Causes an object to flash various colors.
• For fourth years and above.

The Concealment Charm
• Abstrudo (ab-STROO-doh)
• Conceals an object so it cannot be seen.
• For fifth years and above.

The Confundus Charm
• Confundo (con-FUN-doh)
• Causes confusion to opponent.
• For second years and above.

The Cushioning Charm
• Conlabefacto (con-la-be-FAC-to)
• Creates an invisible cushioned area, often for brooms.
• For sixth years and above.

The Curse Alleviation Charm
• Consecro Adlevo (con-SE-cro ad-LE-vo)
• Alleviates various types of curses.
• Advanced magic.

The Daydream Charm
• Somnium (SOM-nee-um)
• Gives target a highly-realistic 30-minute daydream.
• For fifth years and above.

The Deflection Charm
• Deflectre (deh-FLEK-te-re)
• Deflects opponent’s spell.
• For all years.

The Drought Charm
• Sitis (SEE-tis)
• A charm used to dry up puddles and ponds
• For fourth years and above.

The Engorgement Charm
• Engorgio (en-GOR-gee-oh)
• Causes the target to swell in size.
• For all years.

The Expulsion Charm
• Depello (deh-peh-loh)
• Expels opponent’s magic.
• For second years and above.

The Featherweight Charm
• Penna Librilis (pen-na LI-bri-lis)
• Lessens the weight of an object for easier carrying.
• For fourth years and above.

The Flame Freezing Charm
• Flamma Congelo Lepar (flam-uh con-gel-o luh-par)
• Nullifies the burning sensation of fire on skin.
• For fifth years and above.

The Freezing Charm
• Immobulus (i-MOH-bi-lus)
• Freezes objects where they are.
• For second years and above.

The Freezing Charm II
• Glacius (GLAY-see-us)
• Conjures freezing cold air. Puts out fires.
• For third years and above.

The Fur Charm
• Abola (ah-BO-lah)
• Covers the target entirely in fur.
• For third years and above.

The Flying Charm
• Conlabefacto (con-la-be-FAC-to)
• Causes object to be maneuvered by user. Often used on brooms.
• Advanced magic.

The Gripping Charm
• Cohibeo (co-HI-bee-oh)
• Allows for easier gripping of an object. Often used on brooms.
• Advanced magic.

The Growth Charm
• Herbivicus (her-BIV-i-cuss)
• Promote plant growth.
• For third years and above.

The Growth Charm (Stronger version)
• Herbivicus Duo (her-BIV-i-cuss do-oh)
• Promote faster plant growth.
• For fourth years and above.

The Horton-Keitch Braking Charm
• Sufflamen (SUF-fla-men)
• Slows object down in controlled manner. Often used on broomsticks.
• Advanced magic.

The Hot Air Charm
• Aestuo Aeris (AY-stoo-oh AY-ris)
• Causes hot air to stream out of the end of the caster’s wand.
• For second years and above.

The Hover Charm
• Pendeo (PEN-dee-oh)
• Causes an object to hover in the air.
• For third years and above.

The Imperturbable Charm
• Imperturbable (im-per-TUR-ba-ble)
• Creates a barrier, which sounds, objects, and people cannot cross.
• For seventh years and above.

The Impervious Charm
• Impervius (im-PER-vee-us)
• Makes an object resistant to substances (e.g. water)
• For third years and above.

The Intruder Charm
• Consternatio (con-ster-NAY-tee-oh)
• Creates an audible signal when an intruder approaches.
• For seventh years and above.

The Knitting Charm
• Insuo (in-soo-oh)
• Enchants knitting needles to knit by themselves.
• For fifth years and above.

The Levitation Charm
• Wingardium Leviosa (win-gar-dee-um le-vee-OH-sah)
• Causes object or opponent to float.
• The motion: "swish and flick"
• For all years.

The Locomotion/Movement Charm
• Locomotor (lo-co-MO-tor) “Locomotor [Object].”
• Mobili (MO-bi-li) “Mobili [Object].”
• Mobiliarbus (mo-bi-li-AR-bus)
• Forces an object to move.
• For fifth years and above.

The Memory Charm
• Obliviate (oh-bli-vee-ate)
• Erases sections of the target’s memory.
• For seventh years and above.

The Memory Creation Charm
• Creo Memoria (cree-oh me-MO-ria)
• Creates false memories in the victim.
• Advanced magic.

The Muggle Repelling Charm
• Repulso (re-POOL-so)
• Keeps muggles away from things that they are not meant to see.
• For seventh years and above.

The Obliteration Charm
• Obliterate (oh-BLI-ter-ate)
• To wipe out, leaving no trace. Often used to erase footprints.
• For seventh years and above.

The Patronus Charm
• Expecto Patronum (ex-pec-to pah-TROH-num)
• Conjures a Patronus to drive away dementors.
• Advanced Magic. PM for approval.

The Permanent Sticking Charm
• Proprius Adgrego (PRO-pree-us ad-GRE-go)
• Permanently attaches one object to another.
• For seventh years and above.

The Protean Charm
• Protean (PRO-tee-an)
• Allows magic used on one object to reflect similarly on linked objects.
• For seventh years and above.

The Reducing Charm
• Reducio (reh-DOO-see-oh)
• Causes the target to reduce in size.
• For all years.

The Refilling Charm
• Sponte Compleo (SPON-tay com-PLEE-oh)
• Magically refills a container with whatever liquid it was holding
• For fifth years and above.

The Reviving Charm
• Ennervate (EN-ner-vate)
• Revives the stunned target.
• For all years.

The Scouring Charm
• Scourgify (SCOR-ji-fy)
• Magically cleans an item.
• For third years and above.

The Scruge Charm
• Scruge (scroo-juh)
• Destroys ectoplasm left behind by ghosts
• For fourth years and above.

The Severing Charm
• Diffindo (Dih-FIN-doh)
• Severs target. Does not harm flesh, bone, entrails, etc.
• For second years and above.

The Shield Charm
• Protego (proh-TAY-go)
• Creates a magical barrier that deflects magic.
• For all years.

The Shield Charm (Advanced)
• Protego Horriblis (proh-TAY-go hor-RIB-il-is)
• Advanced version of the Shield Charm that protects against Dark Magic.
• For sixth years and above.

The Shield Charm (Area)
• Protego Totalum (proh-TAY-go oh-TAL-əm)
• Version of the Shield Charm that protects some form of an area of dwelling.
• For seventh years and above.

The Silencing Charm
• Silencio (si-LEN-see-oh)
• Magically silences the target of the spell.
• For all years.

The Stunning Charm
• Stupefy (STOO-puh-fye)
• Stuns opponent.
• For all years.

The Summoning Charm
• Accio (AH-kee-oh)
• Causes an object to fly toward the caster. “Accio [Object].”
• For all years.

The Talon-Clipping Charm
• Attondeo Ungula (at-TON-dee-oh UN-goo-lah)
• Magically clips a creature’s talons.
• For fourth years and above.

The Tattoo Charm
• Tattaow (tat-ow)
• Creates a moving tattoo on a person's skin.
• For seventh years and above.

The Toenail Growth Charm
• Unguis Accresco (UN-goo-ees ac-CRES-co)
• Causes target’s toenails to grow alarmingly fast.
• For third years and above.

The Tickling Charm
• Rictusempra (ruc-tu-SEM-prah)
• Causes the opponent to laugh uncontrollably.
• For all years.

The Water Conjuring Charm
• Aguamenti (ah-gwah-MEN-ti)
• Conjures a jet of water from the caster’s wand. Speed is controllable.
• For third years and above.

The Unbreakable Charm
• Infragilis (in-FRA-ji-lees)
• Makes an object unbreakable.
• For sixth years and above.

The Unlocking Charm
• Alohamora (ah-low-ha-MO-rah)
• Used to open locked objects. Some objects cannot be unlocked.
• For all years.

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3. Jinxes

The Anti-Disapparation Jinx
• Anteverto Vanesco (an-tay-VER-to vah-NES-co)
• Prevents all attempts to disapparate from an area.
• Advanced magic.

The Anti-Intruder Jinx
• Expello Malus (ex-PEL-lo MAH-lus)
• Repels intruders.
• For seventh years and above.

The Backfiring Jinx
• Recutio (reh-COO-shee-oh)
• Causes a spell to backfire. Effects can be devastating.
• Advanced magic.

The Hair-Growth Jinx
• Cogo Capillatus (coh-goh cah-pi-lah-toos)
• Thickens and lengthens the opponent’s hair.
• For all years.

The Jelly-Legs Jinx
• Pedis Deliquesco (peh-dis de-li-KWEH-scoh)
• Causes target’s legs to wobble uncontrollably.
• For all years.

The Jelly-Brain Jinx
• Cerebrum Deliquesco (ce-ree-broom de-li-KWEH-scoh)
• Affects the opponent’s mental process.
• For fourth years and above.

The Knock-Back Jinx
• Flipendo (fli-PEN-do)
• Knocks the target back.
• For all years.

The Revulsion Jinx
• Relashio (Re-LASH-ee-oh)
• Forces a person or object to release it's hold.
• For fourth years and above.

The Stretching Jinx
• Divarico (di-vah-ri-coh)
• Causes object or opponent to stretch.
• For fourth years and above.

The Tongue-Locking Jinx
• Langlock (LANG-lok)
• Glues the target’s tongue to the roof of his or her mouth.
• For second years and above.

The Trip Jinx
• Accido (ah-chi-doh)
• Causes the opponent to trip.
• For all years.

The Puppet Jinx
• Membrum Claudico (mem-broom claw-DI-coh)
• Dangles opponent in mid-air like a puppet.
• For third years and above.

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4. Hexes

The Bedazzling Hex
• Mirificus (mi-RI-fi-cus)
• Causes the opponent to become dazed and confused about everything he or she sees.
• For third years and above.

The Bat-Bogey Hex
• Terricula (teh-RI-coo-lah)
• Engorges an opponent’s bogies to the size of a bat, gives them wings, and sets them to attack the opponent.
• For all years.

The Hives Hex
• Ulcerosus (UL-ser-oh-sus)
• Causes hives to erupt on target’s skin.
• For second years and above.

The Horn-Tongue Hex
• Corneus Lingua (cor-NEE-us LING-wa)
• Turns the target’s tongue into a horn.
• For all years.

The Knee-Reversing Hex
• Recurvo Peniculus (reh-cur-voh peh-NI-coo-lus)
• Causes the opponent’s knees to turn backwards.
• For fourth years and above.

The Pus-Spewing Hex
• Cremor Scateo (cre-MOR scah-TAY-oh)
• Causes target’s nose to erupt into a cascade of pus.
• For seventh years and above.

The Stinging Hex
• Aculeatus (ah-coo-LAY-ah-toos)
• Causes opponent to experience a low-powered stinging pain.
• For all years.

The Twitchy-Ears Hex
• Vellico Auricula (veh-li-coh ah-ri-COO-lah)
• Causes opponent’s ears to wiggle and twitch uncontrollably.
• For all years.

Posted by: BVINTAGE Apr 10 2016, 02:10 PM
5. Curses

The Babbling Curse
• Blatero (bla-TEH-ro)
• Causes the opponent to babble uncontrollably.
• For all years.

The Blasting Curse
• Confringo (con-FRIN-goh)
• Causes an explosion from thin air to blast back the target.
• For sixth years and above.

The Body-Bind Curse
• Petrificus Totalus (pe-TRI-fi-cus to-TAH-lus)
• Turns the entire body of the opponent rigid.
• For second years and above.

The Conjunctivitis Curse
• Conjunctiva (con-junc-TEE-vah)
• Affects the eyes of the opponent.
• Advanced magic.

The Cruciatus Curse
• Crucio (KROO-see-oh)
• Unforgivable. Causes opponent to suffer almost intolerable pain.
• Advanced magic.

The Curse of the Bogies
• Crusta (CROO-stah)
• Causes bogies to enlarge at an alarming rate.
• For fourth years and above.

The Entrail-Expelling Curse
• Exta Tractum (Ex-ta-TRAK-toom)
• Causes the opponent’s insides to come out of them.
• Advanced magic.

The Fiendfyre Curse
• Fiendfyre (FEEND-fy-er)
• Cursed fire, made of massive flames to burn everything in sight.
• Advanced magic.

The Flagrante Curse
• Flagrante (flah-GRAN-tay)
• Causes the target object to burn anyone who touches it.
• Advanced magic.

The Hair-Thinning Curse
• Abeo Capillatus (ah-BEE-oh cah-pil-LAH-tus)
• Causes the target to lose hair.
• Advanced magic.

The Impediment Curse
• Impedimenta (im-ped-ih-MEN-tah)
• Stops an opponent or object, or otherwise slows it down.
• Advanced magic.

The Imperius Curse
• Imperius (im-PER-ee-oh)
• Unforgivable. Causes victim to be completely under caster’s command.
• Advanced magic.

The Jelly-Fingers Curse
• Unguiculus Deliquesco (un-goo-i-coh-loos de-li-KWE-scoh)
• Causes target’s fingers to wobble uncontrollably.
• For all years.

The Killing Curse
• Avada Kedavra (uh-VAH-duh kuh-DAH-vruh)
• Unforgivable. Causes instant death in a flash of green light.
• Advanced magic.

The Leg-Locker Curse
• Locomotor Mortis (lo-co-MO-tor MOR-tis)
• Causes opponent to suffer almost intolerable pain.
• Advanced magic.

The Reductor Curse
• Reducto (re-DUC-toh)
• Blasts solid objects out of caster’s path, or into opponent’s way
• For fifth years and above.

The Severing Curse
• Sectumsempra (Sek-tum-SEM-prah)
• Cuts open the target. Anything severed cannot be grown back.
• Advanced magic.

The Snake-Summoning Curse
• Serpensortia (ser-pen-SOR-sha)
• Conjures snake to frighten opponent.
• For sixth years and above.

The Sponge-Knees Curse
• Membrum Peniculus (mem-brum peh-NI-cu-loos)
• Turns the opponent’s knees spongy, making it difficult to walk.
• For all years.

The Thief’s Curse
• Consecro Feles (con-SEH-cro FEH-les)
• Protects print from being read prior to being paid for.
• Advanced magic.

The Tongue-Tying Curse
• Inligo (in-LI-go)
• Ties the target’s tongue into a bow to prevent speech.
• For sixth years and above.

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