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Welcome everyone to the grand opening of Hogwarts Revolution 3.0! With new and improved plots, forums, events and special activities, and much much more! We promise an endless amount of fun and entertainment at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! A special shout-out to all those that stuck by us and patiently waited throughout the break!

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august, 2005

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 Residency Registry, Register your homes here!
Revolution Administrators
 Posted: Feb 22 2015, 10:38 PM
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We all have some place to call home, right?
Your character should too! So post here, and
we, the admins, shall set your character up
a subforum home! Exciting, I know. Please make the description
somewhat short. Posting in code is awesome.

Remember, your home must be logical!
Be honest about your character's job/income.
Cashiers shouldn't be living in mansions! We will check!

Terms for getting a subforum home:
Students are allowed a subforum home, because they live at home.
Upon graduating, you must buy the appropriate housing for that character in
order to keep your subforum home. Adults can RP having a home that's
appropriate to their character in the forum that's in the general area of where they live.
(Wizarding England, etc) In order to get a subforum home, you must have bought
the appropriate home from the shops.

Registered Addresses

ANNABELLE RENEE RAMSEY lives at 36 Cliffs Road, Salen, Isle of Mull.
Description: a warm little cottage situated neatly between large trees on acres of farmland. It has a breathtaking view of the Sound, but stay wary of the tall cliffs nearby!

GALE EVANS DUBOIS lives at 331 A487, Aberystwyth, Wales.
Description: A medium-sized house sitting on about an acre of farmland, located a good sized distance from the main road.

OWAIN MADDOX lives at 4 Greenly Way, Builth Wells, Powys, Wales.
Description: Large, foreboding stone manor house that sits atop a low hill, surrounded by a ring of ancient yew and oak trees, which grant a modicum of privacy from prying eyes.

TRISTAN JACULUS DARLING lives at Addresses are for muggles, peasant..
Description: The Darling residence is a fidelius protected, muggle repellent Manor house located in the Derbyshire countryside. Due to the families' long documented and jealously guarded privacy, little is known about the house and grounds, other than that it is magnificent.

KATARINA CARLOTTA BELL lives at 28, Peterborough Estate, Fulham, London.
Description: A fairly large redbrick Edwardian townhouse in one of the nicer areas of London.

JACOB TALLIFEUR COLLINS lives at Number 28 Oak Street, Manchester, England .
Description: Slightly run down townhouse of red brick surrounded by soul crushing similarity on all sides.

OLIVER THOMAS HARDING lives at Swan at Caves Farm, Babraham Rd, Sawston, Cambridge.
Description: A delapidated old farmhouse with an affixed garage set in the idyllic English countryside, surrounded by oddments and spare car parts.

HAYLEY KAY ROSENBAUM lives at 18, Oakhope Estate, Norwich Rd, Honingham, England.
Description: Outside of Norwich in the countryside of Honingham sits a large, stone manor, tucked away from the quiet nearby town. The surrounding trees, gates, and magic make it a hard place to come by to just anyone.

CHARLOTTE RAE SOLOMON lives at 56 Victoria Rd, Summertown, Oxford, England.
Description: A rather quaint, small house for a family of 6, situated in a comfortable neighborhood in northern Oxford.

DAMIEN BRUCE CARMICHAEL lives at 22 Edina Place, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Description: a quiet little one bedroom, one bath flat near the coast of the capital city.

ROMY A. HARLOWE lives at Warner House, 43-49 Warner Street, Farringdon, EC1R.
Description: A large studio loft with lots of windows and an open floor plan. Spiraling stairs take you to the small bedroom loft above that overlooks the studio below.

[b]FIRST MIDDLE LAST[/b] lives at [i]Address[/i].

** Bamboo Apartments, located at 277 Broad Street, Newtown SY16, United Kingdom (3.5 hours from London, UK) currently has 10/10 vacancies. Please read the Bamboo Crest Guide before signing up for a suite.

** Ivory Grove Apartments, located at 2-4 Welsh Back, Bristol, United Kingdom (2 hours from London, UK) currently has 9/10 vacancies. Please read the Ivory Grove Guide before signing up for a suite.

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